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Drones as Occupational Hazard -
Stephen Farrell, a Times correspondent and blogger for At War, recalls his experience with drones flying overhead when he was kidnapped by the Taliban on the Afghan side of the border a year ago.
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september 2010 by owlese
Letters: Journalism in combat zones | Media | The Guardian
Phil Rees..rightly highlights the benefits of reporters working independently in combat zones..he is, however, wrong when he suggests that organisations like the BBC "prevent their journalists from working independently in combat zones"..
2009  journalism  WarReporting  embed  guardian  CarolineWyatt  StephenFarrell  BBC  FranUnsworth 
september 2009 by Dan_10v11
BBC - Victoria Derbyshire's Blog: Wed's prog
We're just getting the details of the rescue of a British journalist who'd been kidnapped in Afghanistan. Stephen Farrell was snatched on Saturday with his Afghan interpretor - who it's being reported died during the rescue attempt which involved British special forces. The details are still coming in but we'll bring you what we know at ten.
Blogging  StephenFarrell  BBC  Radio5  2009  media  journalism  afghanistan 
september 2009 by Dan_10v11
Stephen Farrell rescue again exposed first casualty of war | Technology | The Guardian
The dramatic rescue of...Farrell and the tragic death of his Afghan assistant, Sultan Munadi, as well as civilians, once again places western news organisations in a quandary. How do they maintain impartiality and report the war effectively without relying on military "embeds" for the security of their staff?
StephenFarrell  2009  guardian  embed  journalism  afghanistan  WarReporting 
september 2009 by Dan_10v11
An extraordinary insider's account of how the Cobra committee authorised last week's Special Forces mission to rescue Taliban kidnap victims | Mail Online
But as soldiers must, so journalists should temper tenacity with judgment. Farrell should not have been where he was for as long as he was, and he knew it.
StephenFarrell  2009  embed  afghanistan  Cobra  journalism 
september 2009 by Dan_10v11
The Reporter’s Account: 4 Days With the Taliban - At War Blog -
There were some celebrations among the mainly British soldiers on the aircraft home, which soon fell silent. It later emerged that one of the rescue party was also dead, mortally wounded during the raid. His blood-soaked helmet was in front of me throughout the flight. I thanked everyone who was still alive to thank. It wasn’t, and never will be, enough.
StephenFarrell  embed  afghanistan  journalism  NewYorkTimes  2009 
september 2009 by Dan_10v11
The Reporter’s Account: 4 Days With the Taliban - At War Blog -
Stephen Farrell: "I thanked everyone who was still alive to thank. It wasn’t, and never will be, enough."
stephenfarrell  afghanistan  taliban  newyorktimes 
september 2009 by owlese
Seized Times Reporter Is Freed in Afghan Raid That Kills Aide -
Stephen Farrell, held captive by the Taliban, was rescued in a military commando raid, but his Afghan interpreter, a British commando and an Afghan woman were killed in the fierce firefight.
stephenfarrell  newyorktimes  afghanistan  britishmilitary  taliban 
september 2009 by owlese

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