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Preserving Laptop Stickers on MacBooks - Graham Stevens –
Using vehicle vinyl wrap! Doubles as preserving the sticker arrangement in picture-frame form.

Lobsters discussion (someone recommends
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8 days ago by mechazoidal
Preserving Laptop Stickers on MacBooks - Graham Stevens –
As it turns out, there is another market which has a very similar set of requirements - vehicle wrapping. They use high-quality vinyl ‘wraps’ (vinyl), allowing folks to alter the colour of their vehicle without an expensive respraying of the bodywork. The same technique is often used to provide entire printed coverage of some company vehicles etc.
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10 days ago by jmartindf
Preserving Laptop Stickers on MacBooks
I’ve always liked the idea of putting stickers on my MacBook Pro, but have always avoided it for two key reasons:

Resale - By putting stickers on my laptop, I am either going to have to try to remove them again once I come to selling it, lowering my resale price because the laptop isn’t in near pristine condition.
Damage - There is a worry that some stickers may leave a horrible hard-to-remove residue, or maybe leave a discolouration to the aluminium.
Who would realistically buy a used high-end laptop, covered in someone else’s stickers which will likely mean nothing to them? Let alone running the risk that the stickers would leave a horrible sticky residue when you try to remove them or leave permanent marks.
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10 days ago by locuna
DevLids | Home
DevLids is a gallery of tech/science-related laptop-lids which are decorated with stickers and paintings.
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20 days ago by bales

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