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Full-Service Storage Units in Vancouver | Shed Storage
Say good-bye to self-storage. Shed is reinventing storage by offering a new, innovative way to store your stuff. We pack, pick-up, store, and deliver to you. A new standard for on-demand storage in Vancouver. Learn more today!
6 hours ago by fnord
Algorithms Behind Modern Storage Systems - ACM Queue
Different uses for read-optimized B-trees and write-optimized LSM-trees
algorithm  storage  Database 
14 hours ago by euler
localsync - npm
a lightweight module to sync JS objects in realtime across tabs / windows of a browser.
js  library  storage  browser 
19 hours ago by andrewn
Free system storage Mac OS High Sierra
Remove temporary backup files via the command line
cli  mac  storage 
yesterday by md
Introducing Thanos: Prometheus at Scale - Improbable

Once we started querying historical data, we soon realized that there are fundamental big-O complexities that make queries slower and slower as we retrieve weeks, months, and ultimately years worth of data.

The usual solution to that problem is called downsampling, a process of reducing the sampling rate of the signal. With downsampled data, we can “zoom out” to a larger time range and maintain the same number of samples, thus keeping queries responsive.

Downsampling old data is an inevitable requirement of any long-term storage solution and is beyond the scope of vanilla Prometheus.
monitoring  prometheus  tools  storage  downsampling  distributed 
yesterday by euler
EC2 Instance Update – C5 Instances with Local NVMe Storage (C5d)
With a 25% to 50% improvement in price-performance over the C4 instances, the C5 instances are designed for applications like batch and log processing, distributed and or real-time analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), ad serving, highly scalable multiplayer gaming, and video encoding. Some of these applications can benefit from access to high-speed, ultra-low latency local storage. For example, video encoding, image manipulation, and other forms of media processing often necessitates large amounts of I/O to temporary storage. While the input and output files are valuable assets and are typically stored as Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) objects, the intermediate files are expendable. Similarly, batch and log processing runs in a race-to-idle model, flushing volatile data to disk as fast as possible in order to make full use of compute resources.

Very nice!
ec2  instance-types  ops  storage  hardware  aws 
yesterday by jm
Free backup software to store encrypted backups online
For Windows, macOS and Linux.
backup  cloud  storage 
2 days ago by cothrun
How Retail Businesses Benefit from Storage Containers
All retail businesses need storage needs from time to time, and portable storage containers are by far the best option. Whether your retail store needs a safe place to store industry on a daily basis or during a remodeling project, storage containers get the job done.
storage  retail  storage-containers 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web

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