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RClone - Google drive
Rclone is a command line program to sync files and directories to and from a ton of cloud services
google  storage  backup  software  utility 
17 hours ago by objectif
Cloud Storage for Offsite Backups - rclone support offers secure cloud storage on an open standards platform for offsite backup and disaster recovery
backup  storage  rsync 
23 hours ago by geetarista | HTTP based JSON storage lets you store, read & modify JSON data over HTTP APIs for free. Copy the URL below and start sending HTTP requests to play around with your data store.
json  jsonbox  api  http  storage  box 
yesterday by atog
DNA Data Storage | How to Store Data in DNA
DNA offers the best information storage device scientists have discovered. Now, research shows that theoretically, all of YouTube could fit on a teaspoon.
data  storage  dna 
yesterday by geetarista

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