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listenTo problem - Google Groups
The time I debugged a Greek guy's Backbone code, and found out he had a TAU character instead of a 'T'.
programming  javascript  debugging  story  backbone  greek  character  tau 
20 hours ago by acemarke
Nena Ruiz's Story of Human Trafficking - The Atlantic
Account of human trafficking in California w happy ending in Philippines
human  tradficking  story  california  philippines  teacher  dig  domestic  servant  neighbor  trial 
2 days ago by csrollyson
An Opioid-Linked Shooting at an Addiction Treatment Clinic - The Atlantic
Story about the plight of opioid-addicted patients, this one a veteran, and the doctors who treat them
opiod  addiction  story  california  doctor  prescription  treatment  Q1  2018  marine  iraq  afghanistan  ptsd  medicine  practice 
2 days ago by csrollyson
Updating a 50 terabyte PostgreSQL database – Adyen Tech – Medium
Our database setup at Adyen is unique for a few reasons. We currently process 5,000 PostgreSQL transactions per second across multiple clusters. In addition, as a payments service provider dealing…
postgresql  migration  upgrade  casehistory  usecase  story 
5 days ago by gilberto5757

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