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Practicing Design Systems (EightShapes)
Nathan Curtis описывает ещё один чек-лист по внедрению дизайн-системы.
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2 days ago by jvetrau
The new dynamics of strategy: sense-making in a complex and complicated world | the morning paper
Classifying systems into:
1. Obvious: Known causes and effects. Often linear relationship. Use methodologies or processes.
2. Complicated: Knowable causes and effects. Often separated over time or space. Sense, analyze, then respond. Agile methods.
3. Complex: Un-order. Emergent patterns can be perceived, but not predicted. Stabilize useful patterns. Destabilize harmful ones. Seed the space to encourage healthy patterns.
4. Chaotic: No perceivable cause and effect. Turbulent. Act quickly and decisively to reduce turbulence.
5. Disordered: Cannot even tell which of the above domains the system is in.

Original paper at

Useful video at
complexity  strategy  agile  cynefin  chaos 
2 days ago by drmeme
Setting Strategies – Where to Focus - by @barnes_hank
"That, to me, is the most important thing to focus on in setting strategies. And not just the nebulous idea of the enterprise buyer, but your ideal customer (Gartner clients: See my research on this). This is one of the reasons to stress less about the competition. In most cases, it is unlikely that your ideal customer profile will be the same as your competitors. You may target companies with different infrastructures, different resource levels, different personalities, or other factors. If your ideal customers are different, then your sales model and marketing approaches may be different."
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3 days ago by jonerp
Translucent and opaque ambiguity in design consulting - InVision Blog
Translucent and opaque ambiguity in design consultingOne of my earliest and most valuable lessons in design consulting was the importance of embracing ambiguity. During college, in thousands of blog posts and in countless conference talks, design is often framed as an elegant solution that perfectly satisfies a set of constraints. via Pocket
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3 days ago by mbuccella

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