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Agree Judge Wren. Each of us can be the for others especially during times of high and .…
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2 days ago by mgifford
Science Says This 5-Second Rule Will Make Your Brain Stop Procrastinating (Thomas K.) |
I've been meaning to write this column for some time. The reason I'm finally getting to it is because it's an excuse to avoid doing something else. Let's face it, few of us, if we're honest, wouldn't confess to occasionally procrastinating.
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7 days ago by kogakure
Soziale verursacht und . Am Ende betrifft uns das nicht nur auf individueller Ebene, so…
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7 days ago by schmitz
Rising crime is symptom of inequality, says senior Met chief | UK news | The Guardian
Rising crime is symptom of inequality, says senior Met chief
Patricia Gallan says inequality leads people to feel like they ‘do not have a stake in society’
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9 days ago by asterisk2a

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