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How to Sleep When the World Is Falling Apart
Between the worries about keeping ourselves and our loved ones safe, as well as the rippling effects of a crashing economy, most of us are having trouble sleeping. We turned to the archives, to find some of the best tips for salvaging your sleep in the midst of nonstop worries. Here is some of what we found:
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yesterday by renee9656
This is your brain on stress.
The problem is that our brain does not distinguish between a crouched lion preparing to eat you for lunch and the stress of a global pandemic. The day-in and day-out stressors of COVID-19 have us simmering in a stew of chronic stress
2 days ago by wiobyrne
(1) Stress break - YouTube
Lisa Gillispie
1.93K subscribers
Experience a short series of exercises that will help you shift out of a stress response.
touch  stress  video 
3 days ago by Quercki
The effectiveness of video in improving mood and decreasing is a sure thing. Play Blox!
casual  stress  games  from twitter_favs
5 days ago by alvar
森高千里 『ザ・ストレス -ストレス 中近東バージョン-』 (PV) - YouTube
oh man this is an anthem! and dance to boot!

見て  森高千里  chisato_moritaka  pop  1980s  1989  pv  music  jpop  japanese  日本語  dance  stress  waitress  video  斉藤英夫  hideo_saito 
7 days ago by cluebucket
Interaction between BDNF and Serotonin: Role in Mood Disorders | Neuropsychopharmacology
Brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF) and serotonin (5-hydroxytryptamine, 5-HT) are two seemingly distinct signaling systems that play regulatory roles in many neuronal functions including survival, neurogenesis, and synaptic plasticity. A common feature of the two systems is their ability to regulate the development and plasticity of neural circuits involved in mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. BDNF promotes the survival and differentiation of 5-HT neurons. Conversel...
serotonin  depression  BDNF  SSRI  stress 
8 days ago by calandra

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