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Express Accounts | Stripe Connect
Minimum API version: you must be using an API version at least as recent as 2017-05-25.
Users based in the United States: Express accounts are available only to individuals, businesses, and nonprofits located in the United States. Contact us if you are interested in support for users outside the U.S.
SMS-enabled phone number: Express users must have a U.S. phone number with SMS capabilities in order to authenticate with Express.
Risk management: your platform is ultimately responsible for losses incurred by Express accounts. To protect against this, you need to scrutinize all accounts that sign up via your platform for potential fraud. Refer to our best practices guide for more information.
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13 hours ago by fallond
The New Business Model of the Payments Industry – The Startup – Medium
How Startups are Creating New Revenue Streams by Adding Value to their Merchants On Top of Processing Payments. Within the last couple of years, FinTech and especially Payments has seen some amazing…
payment  stripe  square  fintech 
7 days ago by JINYONG86
Stripe Atlas: The best way to start an online business
If I were to start over again, I might start my business with Stripe Atlas.
business  cowen  stripe 
9 days ago by djtrischler
Our experience with Stripe Atlas – Hacker Noon
Now that we are fully incorporated and started to receive some money on our bank account, it’s time to debrief and review the experience we had incorporating our company with Stripe Atlas. As a…
startup  stripe  business 
17 days ago by program247365
QUID | Payment solutions
QUID is a technology company based in Toronto, Canada, that builds platforms for microbanking, micropayments, and micro-monetization.
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19 days ago by xer0x

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