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CSSだけで斜めのストライプを作る | Designmemo(デザインメモ)-初心者向けWebデザインTips-
.stripe {
background-image: linear-gradient(-45deg, #fff 25%, #00bfff 25%, #00bfff 50%, #fff 50%, #fff 75%, #00bfff 75%, #00bfff);
background-size: 4px 4px;
css  stripe 
3 days ago by unknownlabel
Chargeback Stats for 2017 [UPDATED]
Roughly 40% of consumers who commit friendly fraud will do it again within 60 days.
paypal  stripe  business 
11 days ago by foliovision
Churn Buster - Failed Payment Recovery & Dunning for Subscriptions
Recover failed subscription payments, update credit cards with advanced dunning workflows for Stripe, Braintree and more
churn  stripe  payment  payments  egghead 
14 days ago by nharbour
stripe/einhorn: Einhorn: the language-independent shared socket manager
Einhorn: the language-independent shared socket manager - stripe/einhorn
github  ruby  sockets  stripe  socket-manager 
28 days ago by snahor

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