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LI@SX: Abe Burmeister, Outlier Tailored Performance Clothing | GSAPPonline
"Abe Burmeister is co-founder of OUTLIER, an innovative performance clothing company whose first product was a pair of pants designed to enable bike commuting. We'll be talking about the history and future of performance garment design, from suits of armor to technical climbing gear, how to design clothes for a more engaged urban mobility, what particular materials and structures suit different forms of physical motion, and the perennial problem of the bike helmet."

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january 2012 by robertogreco
The Studio-X NY Guide to Liberating New Forms of Conversation - Reading Room - Domus
"Studio-X is a multifunction outpost of Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation in lower Manhattan. Alternately a studio space for several of GSAPP's research groups (including C-Lab, Netlab, Living Architecture Lab and Urban Landscape Lab), exhibition space, and events venue, Studio-X's flexible programming makes it a uniquely unpredictable site where architectural and urban thinkers interact with a curious public. Now exporting its model to other cities around the world where GSAPP has a presence, including Rio de Janeiro, Beijing, and Amman, Studio-X marks its first publication with The Studio-X NY Guide to Liberating New Forms of Conversation. José Esparza talked to the book's editor and Studio-X NY's former programming director Gavin Browning, as well as Glen Cummings and Aliza Dzik of New York design firm MTWTF, who designed the book."
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january 2012 by robertogreco

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