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What's the Meaning of Fashion? I Asked 12 Industry Veterans
“The purpose of fashion is to negate our persistent fear of death. Decorating ourselves in particular things helps to craft an identity, which creates the illusion of permanency. If we buy things and we define the way we look, it makes our existence feel more real and everlasting. The end! (But hopefully not.)”
fashion  style 
3 days ago by johndodds
5 Stylish Hairstyles for Fine Hair | The Idle Man
In like six months when I've grown my hair back out, look to this page for some inspiration. I'd say just go for a combination of side part and slick back. Or just let it grow out and look homeless.
hair  style  inspiration 
8 days ago by docwlad
sindresorhus/modern-normalize: Normalize browsers' default style
Differences from normalize.css

- Smaller
- Includes only normalizations for the latest Chrome, Firefox, and Safari
- Sets box-sizing: border-box
- Improves consistency of default fonts
browser  css  style 
8 days ago by dserodio

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