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AccessAlly: Online Courses and Membership Sites That Sell Themselves
From email 2019_10_17 "Do you really own your website?":

"There’s an ongoing debate about whether it’s better to rent or buy a home, and we can apply similar arguments to websites.

I’ve lived in expensive places like Silicon Valley, New York City, and Toronto - where renting was the better option.

Now I own a home in small town Texas, and for the current phase of my life it’s the better option.

Which brings me to websites and membership sites…

Some business owners prefer to rent: they’ll select a platform like Medium or Teachable, where they don’t need to do any maintenance and very little set up.

It’s easy to move your content in, and you don’t need to be “handy” or tech savvy to operate your site or course.

The downside? You’re building your business on someone else’s land, and they could lock you out, up their fees, or go out of business and leave you stuck.

Other business owners prefer to buy: they purchase their own web hosting, and the software to run their site or courses.

It takes more set up work up front, and they might need to hire contractors to get things just the way they want them… But it’s theirs.

No one can take their website away - in fact they can export, back it up and move it at any time. (Bonus points when the software they use is open source like WordPress and AccessAlly, since they don’t need to worry about it going away.)"
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4 days ago by outkast
Next Law Firms Will Dominate by Selling Subscription Services - Attorney at Work
The byproduct of this is that lawyers work too damn hard for too little money. Consider the relatively small amount of collected hourly revenue you make in your practice versus what you charge. And if you don’t know that number, you may not want to look, because I guarantee you it’s fugly.

Would that there was a way to charge in a more consumer-friendly fashion while deriving truer value for your work — while also creating more control over your schedule.

Well, will you look at that:

Product Placement
Admittedly, it was cruel of me to write about how much I loath hourly billing and not provide any outs. There are other ways to bill — two of which are gaining adoption among law firms and which, I believe, will become standard practice for firms in the mid- to second half of the century. (I’ll probably be dead when this does, or doesn’t, come to pass, which is absolutely the best way to make lame predictions.)

So, let’s talk about subscription services and products.

Subscription Services
The same thing that makes subscription services appealing to other industry services providers should make them appealing to lawyers: It’s the kind of fixed-cost offering that modern consumers lust after. But lawyers only dabble in subscription services, cut the cord too quickly, then complain that it would “never work in my practice area.” Stop the presses: Subscription legal services can work in any practice area that is not contingency fee-based. The challenge is creating the right value proposition.
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18 days ago by JordanFurlong
The Subscription App Paradox - By
I needed a new business suit so off to the shops I went.

It took an hour to try different styles until I found the right one. Once decided, I took the suit to the cash desk with bank card ready.

“That’ll be £200 Sir,” said the store manager, “and £10 per month.”

“Why £10 a month?” I asked.

“Well Sir, although we make money on the original sale, we need a regular income from our customers, like Netflix”.

I don’t mind paying extra for alterations or occasional dry cleaning, but not to wear the suit after I paid.

I left the shop to try other options.
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22 days ago by eitland Apps and more
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23 days ago by erinfinnegan
Learn R, Python & Data Science Online
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23 days ago by jmdrake
Subscribers Are Your True Fans
Why subscriptions are the best monetization option for apps worthy of true fans.
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24 days ago by MatteoM

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