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Using Drupal 8 and AWS IoT to Power Digital Signage for New York’s Subway System
In order for raw data to be effectively (and efficiently) parsed and sent to the appropriate signs, our parsers must understand context. Unfortunately for us, none of the data feeds provide context (this is not uncommon). Data feeds, particularly those that update very rapidly, must be as streamlined as possible to cut down on size and processing time for the system that generates it in the first place.

This is where a content model comes in place. A key in the data (or several data fields) somehow map into the model, which then provides context for how the data should be consumed and handled by the system.

For the MTA, this content model needed to be representative of the assets in the city of New York. This model should create a digital representation of the various Routes (N,Q,R,W, etc.), Stations (Grand Central, Penn Station, etc.), Platforms (Uptown, Downtown, Mezzanine, etc.), Tracks, and Signs that will be included in the data.

A key component of the MTA system is the flexibility of our content model. Why? We’re using Drupal to manage it.

Each of the above assets is represented by a content type. Individual items in the content model are created as nodes, and then entity reference fields are used to provide the necessary context and relationships between the items. User experience is a major component of this feature as Drupal’s involvement allows non-technical users to log into the administration site (with the appropriate account access) and make changes to the content model on the fly.
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8 days ago by dirtystylus
Grab The Train At Grace Jones, Get Off At Yoko Ono: Exploring NYC's New 'City Of Women' Map | Here & Now
“Our map was also designed as a kind of intervention in a conversation that's really picked up steam in the last few years about gender and public space and the ways in which our names and our public spaces do honor and welcome a certain segment of the population that may not feel as welcoming to others,” Jelly-Schapiro says.
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9 days ago by dirtystylus
Tokyo's Railway Network Explained - Trains, Subway And Discount Passes | MATCHA - JAPAN TRAVEL WEB MAGAZINE
In addition to JR (Japan Railway) lines, there are several other railways operating in the Tokyo area, including the underground lines of Tokyo Metro and Toe Subway. Find out what are the convenient discount passes that each of them issues.
japan  tokyo  subway  transport  map  rail  passes 
24 days ago by fjordaan
Tokyo Train and Subway Guide
Trains and the subway are still the main means of transportation in Tokyo and its outskirts, and they crisscross the city with the utmost reliability - well almost. Other modes of transport (buses, bikes and taxis in particular) can complement this system from time to time, but for most tourists, a good command of the rail network is enough to take them anywhere they might want to go in and around Tokyo.
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24 days ago by fjordaan
Matthew Ström: designer & developer
For the past two weeks, I’ve been exploring Tokyo. Until the last few days of 2018, I had never been to Tokyo — or, for that matter, any city as large as Tokyo. And while I have many many great memories of the city, I’m particularly eager to share my impressions of the Tokyo subway1.
japan  tokyo  subway  transport  map  rail 
24 days ago by fjordaan

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