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❇️ Quote of the Day : Never Settle For Anything Less Than The Best! 🙌
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14 hours ago by randyhilarski
Featured Stories - An Olympian’s guide to success at AT&T
After competing in the Olympics, gymnast Daria Bijak Kiehne used her experience to excel in AT&T’s Finance Leadership Development Program.
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yesterday by TMP
Ross Johnson - "Upper limits" ⠀ This is a term used to describe...
"Upper limits"

This is a term used to describe the experience of growing so fast that you hit a wall.

You hit your "upper limit" or what your current mindset defines a normal reality to be.

For example..

If a person goes from making no money, to suddenly having an abundance of money... It can really trip them up.

They could feel guilty, have mental breakdowns, and not know how to cope with their new success because it happened so fast.

It may sound crazy, but I believe that success and fulfillment come from breaking through these upper limits in life.

And to experience them can be a very lonely time where you feel that nobody can understand.

I mean.. most people might not understand why a person who just made a ton of money would have a mental break down lol.

That's why I believe it's so important to have mentors or surround yourself with people who are a few steps ahead of you and do understand these things.

Going through the journey of entrepreneurship should not be done alone.
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2 days ago by lwhlihu
Ramit Sethi on Twitter: "I love this comment about getting aggressive about what you want, not passive What's something you want but you're being passive about? Losing weight? Making more money? Being in a great relationship? What would it look like if yo
I love this comment about getting aggressive about what you want, not passive

What's something you want but you're being passive about? Losing weight? Making more money? Being in a great relationship?

What would it look like if you shifted from passive --> active?
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2 days ago by lwhlihu
Why we avoid our #1 priority
Here’s my take on what making something a TOP PRIORITY looks like:

You’re spending 5 hours/week (minimum) on it. For top performers, up to 50+ hours/week.
You’re making progress every week. You might not be getting RESULTS every week, but you’re moving forward.
You’re actively turning down other opportunities so you can focus on this. (For example, I spoke to a group of guys in a high-level mastermind. They plan their vacations around their bi-monthly calls so they never miss one.)

The real psychology here is that MOST OF US WANT RESULTS TO “JUST HAPPEN” to us.

Some dude wants a 6-pack in theory, but doesn’t actually want to change his workouts/diets to achieve it.

People want a great relationship to just fall out of the sky. Multiple generations have been raised on Disney movies to expect the love of their life to simply “find them” instead of putting in the work to improve themselves. It doesn’t feel as “natural” if you had to work for it — putting time on your calendar or actively going out to meet people. Better to just wait until the right person comes along!

Real talk: You have one area in life that needs your full attention.

Maybe it’s saving/investing money, maybe it’s finding a job, maybe it’s losing 50lbs, or starting a business, or finding a girlfriend/boyfriend, or learning to be more socially skilled.

Let’s all get honest about what that one thing is. Let’s acknowledge it’s going to take work and put time on our calendars.

Spend the time and money to solve it. If you make it a priority, you can achieve magical results in less than one year.
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2 days ago by lwhlihu
Cold yeast | Seth's Blog
Too often, we spend our time and effort on the exciting last step. And too often, we forget to spend our time and attention on the preparation that’s a lot less urgent or glamorous, but far more important.

Poor preparation is a lousy excuse for a last-minute selfish frenzy. That frenzy distracts us from doing it right the next time.

If you want to understand where mastery and success come from, take a look at the inputs and the journey, not simply the outputs.
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3 days ago by lwhlihu
The danger of “not good enough” | Seth's Blog
And we label ourselves as well. “I’d like to do that sort of work, but I’m not good enough.”

This is obviously a trap.

In almost every line of work, the truthful sentence is, “not good enough yet.”

Of course, at least once you wrote a great line of code or crafted a good headline. At least once you made a good diagnosis or calmed a patient. At least once you did something extraordinary. So it’s not that you can’t do it.

It might be that you don’t care enough to try.

“I’d like to hire that programmer, but he doesn’t care enough to get really good at his craft.” That’s certainly more true than, “He’s never going to be good at programming, because his DNA doesn’t match the DNA of a good coder.”

It’s true that you’re not good enough yet. None of us are. But if you commit to trying hard enough and long enough, you’ll get better.
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4 days ago by lwhlihu
Naval on Twitter
“How to Get Rich (without getting lucky):”
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4 days ago by aries1988
Fast & Slow | The Daily | Gartner L2
I’m increasingly aware of my mood, heartbeat, and blood pressure as I get older. Yesterday I was at the Founders Forum in London. When I arrived, I discovered I wasn’t speaking at a plenary session, but one of two concurrent sessions. My competition was the President of DiDi, the Chinese ride-hailing firm. It gets worse. Jean Liu was scheduled in “Amber,” a room bigger than “Cedar,” where I was speaking. My inner jackal voice immediately registered this as a grave injustice.

About 20 minutes in, there was feedback on the sound system, and I began to have PVCs (irregular heartbeats). The bad thing about my irregular beats isn’t just that they are irregular, but that I can feel them, which freaks me out.

The feedback, a burst of PVCs, and 200 people staring up at me took my heart rate way up. I tried to calm myself by looking at the bright side: if I collapsed and died on stage, I’d get a shit-ton of views on YouTube.

Learning: Where you die, and who is around you at the end is a strong signal of your success or failure in life. I believe it doesn’t matter how nice your home is; if at your exit you’re surrounded by strangers under bright lights, it’s a disappointment. Granted this isn’t an option for many people, but if you die at home, surrounded by people who love you, you are a success
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6 days ago by ramitsethi
Mitch Miller - My best posts always get the least amount of...
(Rachel Bell sent this to our Slack group)

If you start changing up your content to get more likes, you may be fucking with the integrity of the content itself.

Remember: It's what you say and the status of the person who's saying it.

This means likely, you need to raise your status and that is more than just good content and advice. Look around you at all these influencers trying to be an influencer.

And it's cool to see. Most people I see wanting to be an influencer, do so for the right reasons. They want to do good in the world, get some significance from doing so, and make a little money too. All good.

But there's a problem...

Why are they not taken seriously enough?

You see them everywhere, you may be one of them. The majority of people in the authority/expert space are on the same level where it's obvious they are struggling (though they try to hide it).

The confusing thing is you don't even know why things aren't working properly because you are doing all the right things...

You are doing what "they" are doing but not getting the same result... why?

I think the major reason is they are still striving to get there vs having already arrived.

I don't mean arrived in any material sense, but in their head, feeling they have arrived to that place they are trying to influence on.

That's a long winded way of saying, they haven't accepted themselves to be an influencer on the level they are portraying. It's like they are straining to be where they are.

The only problem with that is people can sense it.

Never forget vibe trumps all. Humans know when someone hasn't arrived yet. Remember this mantra:

"The self is always coming through"

You may be doing all the things that person would do, but you aren't that person yet. You aren't being them, it's not part of your being.

Doing vs being

When you are being that person, the doing comes automatically.

Most people trying to be influencers today are trying to be one and that's the problem. The trying. Real influencers are just influencers... it's who they are now.

So, this tells me more personal work needs to be done and many aren't ready yet. It's a long painful road to sort yourself out in the public eye, just ask any celebrity.

One answer might be to take an honest look at yourself and ask if you are ready or do you need to go back behind the curtain and work on yourself and your craft.
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6 days ago by lwhlihu
Wade Alters - I call it The Kardashian Effect. It's one of the...
I call it The Kardashian Effect.

It's one of the earliest lessons I learned as a dating coach back in 2007.

It doesn’t matter how talented you are. How hard you work. Or how many lives you've transformed...

All that matters is your PERCEIVED status in the marketplace.

There’s dozens of singers and dancers with 10X the talent as Kim Kardashian, but you’ll never hear their names.

There’s dozens of therapists and life coaches with 10X the qualifications and experience as Tony Robbins, but they’ll keep charging $50/hour while Tony charges $1,000,000/year. (Plus royalties!!!)

Even in the corporate world. It’s less about how hard you work, and more about your perceived value in the workplace.

You can call it “corporate politics,” or “shameless self promotion.”

But at the end of the day, you can’t fight human nature.

So instead of hating on the Tai Lopez’s and Kim Kardashian’s of the world…

Find out how YOU can harness human nature, and promote your way to the top.
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6 days ago by lwhlihu

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