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Will Josh Gordon Succeed With Patriots? Mike Lombardi Offers Unique Perspective | New England Patriots |
“Joining the Patriots will be difficult for Gordon, in every facet of his life,” Lombardi wrote. “He will be required to work harder than he has ever worked on and off the field. He will be expected to arrive at the facility early and leave late with not much downtime in between. There will be no putting the playbook back in his locker as he did on (HBO’s) Hard Knocks this summer, claiming ‘the plays have not changed, I got this.’ This playbook is not easy or ever wholly gotten.

” … The Patriots will offer support; they won’t assume it will all go according to plan. Once he has passed his physical, he will receive a detailed plan of the Patriots’ expectations from him — on and off the field.

“He will get constant attention, and when the other players leave around 5 p.m. each night, Gordon will have night time studying and perhaps more conditioning. The volume of work will become his most significant obstacle, just as the volume at BUD/S training is the thing that overwhelms most would-be Navy SEALs.”

Based on what he observed from Gordon in Cleveland, Lombardi is skeptical the 27-year-old can succeed.

“Throughout Gordon’s entire playing career, there have been two sets of rules for every team he has been a part of — one set for him, and one set for the others,” Lombardi wrote.

“When I was in Cleveland the one year with Gordon, he was aloof, distant and was on his program. He never took part in special teams practice, never ran scout team reps, never did any extra conditioning or hung around the facility fine-tuning his craft. He was immensely talented, and that carried him.”
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16 hours ago by lwhlihu
EMAIL - where the magic happens
Here's the thing though...
Seeing a transformation photo is amazing, it’s motivating, and it's a testament to the client’s hard work. But between a 'before' and 'after' photo, there are a period of days, weeks, months, and years of effort, consistency, frustration, failures, successes, and hardships that you don't see.

It's the boring stuff that won't sell magazines, diet books, or coaching programs. It's the unsexy stuff. It's the day to day grind type stuff.

But it's the stuff that matters.

And that's where the magic happens–in that unsexy, boring, gap.
It's saying no to an extra plate of dessert. It's going to the gym even when you don't feel like going. It's reminding yourself daily of your goals and why you're making this change even when progress seems slow and motivation has quietly slipped out the door.

I’m reminded of a quote from Tucker Max that eloquently sums this up:

"Let’s say you want to win this archery trophy. That trophy is the most important thing to you. So how do you get it? You have to be good at archery first, in order to hit the bullseye and ultimately get the trophy, right? And how to you get good at archery? By focusing on archery, not on the trophy.

That’s the paradox; you’re so focused on the outcome that you never learn to enjoy the process, which ultimately sets you up for failure. But if you focus on archery (the process), you’re more likely to hit the target, and win the trophy.

Focus on the process, and you’ll reach your goal. Focus on the goal, and you’ll compromise the learning process and ultimately come up short. Whether you win the trophy or not is irrelevant — the process is what matters."

Meaning: Don't focus on the end result ("I want to be lean"), rather, focus on the process that will move you towards becoming that person.

When you focus on becoming the person you want everything becomes a learning opportunity: "Ok, so I went over my calories today, how can I ensure that this doesn't happen tomorrow?"; "Damn, today was a really busy day and I couldn't get to the gym. What can I do tomorrow to make sure I get my session in?"

But when you're only focused on the end result everything becomes a failure because you've tied your self-worth to the end goal.

Instead of the before and after, focus on the gap between those two points–the day to day process. Put in the work, no matter how small. You do those things for a year? THAT'S how results happen.
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16 hours ago by lwhlihu
A Different Take On Discipline
Many people hear the word “discipline” and instantly run the other way.  I say to think about it the opposite way: run towards it.  If you run towards discipline, this is what will happen…

Discipline creates LESS stress in your life because you are PREPARED.  When you are prepared, you give yourself a better chance at being successful.  This can be with your diet, training, business or in life.  Most people get stressed out because their life is out of order.  An uncontrolled chaos. 

When you run towards discipline you find out how good you COULD FEEL.  Not only how good you can you feel physically, but also how much better you could feel on the inside with your confidence.  That is the key.

If you start off your day with a high level of discipline, your confidence builds exponentially.  When people hear the word “discipline,” they automatically think that something is being taken away from them.  Guess what?  The world isn’t taking anything away from you.  When you have more discipline in your life, you begin to see that it actually gives back MORE because you are more aware of the opportunities right in front of you. 

People without discipline think, “If I have to eat this diet,” and “I should be able to have this if I want.”  If you do this, you are looking at it the wrong way.  I don’t have everything figured out, but if you knew how good you could feel by implementing this in your life, then you would run towards discipline.  If you knew how much you could accomplish with the sky being the limit, you would run towards discipline.  If you start to shift your perspective even a little bit to bring more discipline into your life, then it WILL TRULY CHANGE.   
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17 hours ago by lwhlihu
❇️ Quote of the Day : Do It With Style! 🙌
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5 days ago by randyhilarski
An story!

Read the short case study here:

Is this what…
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Media library | OpenUK
An story!

Read the short case study here:

Is this what…
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how to murder your husband
A Fortnite super-gamer talks about the pressure to stay on top on Twitch.
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6 days ago by jeromekatz
EMAIL: What fitness can teach you about being a better entrepreneur
Fitness doesn’t only challenge you physically; it challenges you mentally, too.

As I worked on transforming into Ramit 2.0, I noticed that many of my struggles in fitness were the same I’d encountered in growing my business — just in a different form! Some examples:

The “shiny stuff” doesn’t help. For long. You’ve seen them: ab-sculpting chairs, $150 detoxes made from moon dust, and all-fat-all-the-time diets promising fast results. But what happens after one or six months? Most people are right back where they started … with bitter disappointment. Same with discounts and gimmicks — these are all short-sighted tactics, and it takes discipline to focus on what’s actually sustainable.

Trust in the process. When you’re not seeing the changes you expect to see, it’s easy to give up or jump to another short-term tactic. But if you’re in this for the long haul and you buckle down with the basics — eating right, working out, sleeping — you’ll make more progress in the long term.

Success isn’t predictable. In fitness, there are lots of factors like psychology, stress, genetics, diet history, etc. that can influence results. (But mostly calories.) Similarly, in business, there are many things that are within your control (e.g., what you write), and many that aren’t (e.g., a nasty comment). Focus on the things that you CAN control.
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6 days ago by lwhlihu
Age, race or need for instant gratification -- which best predicts how much you will earn? -- ScienceDaily
"Traditional statistics have allowed researchers to understand which things -- like education, occupation and gender -- predict how much a person will earn. Now, in the first study of its kind, researchers have used machine learning to rank the importance of these factors, finding that a person's ability to delay immediate gratification is among the best predictors of affluence."
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7 days ago by katherinestevens

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