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Top 10 – Mejores Besos Del Anime | Best Images Collections HD For Gadget windows Mac Android
Top 10 – Mejores Besos Del Anime Gracias por dejarme un “LIKE” en el video 😊 esto realmente nos ayuda a que crezca nuestra hermosa familia otaku 💙. No olvides compartir en las redes sociales, Facebook, Twitter y etc. ⚫️🕶📱 . 1. Okusama Ga Seito Kaichou ! 2. Saijaku No Bahamut 3. Campione ! 4. […]
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august 2017 by wotek
Why Does My iPhone Turn Off When I Still Have Battery Life Remaining? Here's The Fix!
I’m going to tell you why your iPhone, iPad, or iPod suddenly turns off when you still have 30%, 50%, or any other percentage of battery remaining and exactly what to do to fix the problem, if it can be fixed. I’ll use an iPhone in this article, but if you have an iPad or iPod with this problem, follow along – the solution is exactly the same.

I’ll be honest right off the bat: I can’t guarantee we’re going to be able to fix your iPhone. Sometimes, issues related to iPhones randomly shutting off are caused by water damage or other unfortunate accidents. But don’t lose hope! A lot of the time, you can fix this problem at home.

I’ve Got A Faulty Battery, Right?

Not necessarily. More often than not, what’s actually going on is that your iPhone isn’t talking to the battery correctly. Your iPhone’s software is in charge of monitoring the amount of battery life remaining on your iPhone. If the software or firmware isn’t communicating properly with the battery, it’s not going to display the right percentage.
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may 2017 by 44sunsets

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