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Ten Things Learned Living Off-grid in Canada | The Tyee
It was in 2011 that I first understood what off-grid living really meant. Before then I had heard people claim they were off-grid if they switched their cell phone off for a day or two. Other people thought anyone who lived in remote places was off-grid. None of that made any sense. via Pocket
british  columbia  living  off-grid  self  sufficient  sustainability  tyee 
january 2015 by ginesthoi
The Role of Estimates, Estimation Theory and Statistical Inference – Is it what we think it is? (Jonathan Manton)
"In general, it is meaningless to speak of a good or a bad estimator because, without knowing what the estimate will be used for, there is no consistent way of ascribing the attribute “good” or “bad” to the estimator. The exception is if the estimator is a sufficient statistic, and indeed, it might be more intuitive if “estimators” were sometimes thought of as “approximate sufficient statistics”."
statistics  estimation  sufficient  decision 
november 2010 by arsyed
Sufficient Design
I'm a little sceptical about this e.g. how does a developer judge how "important" a feature is...?
sufficient  design  developer  tdd 
may 2010 by floehopper
WordPress MU › "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." for new users? « WordPress MU Forums
A nice hack for the "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page." for new users? issue in WPMU
WPMU  hack  forums  sufficient  permissions 
may 2007 by jimgroom

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