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The Kuai Kuai culture - Wikipedia
a phenomenon in Taiwan wherein workers put snacks of the "Kuai Kuai" brand next to or on top of machines
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24 days ago by tekai
Evolution of social norms and correlated equilibria | PNAS
"Social norms regulate and coordinate most aspects of human social life, yet they emerge and change as a result of individual behaviors, beliefs, and expectations. A satisfactory account for the evolutionary dynamics of social norms, therefore, has to link individual beliefs and expectations to population-level dynamics, where individual norms change according to their consequences for individuals. Here, we present a model of evolutionary dynamics of social norms that encompasses this objective and addresses the emergence of social norms. In this model, a norm is a set of behavioral prescriptions and a set of environmental descriptions that describe the expected behaviors of those with whom the norm holder will interact. These prescriptions and descriptions are functions of exogenous environmental events. These events have no intrinsic meaning or effect on the payoffs to individuals, yet beliefs/superstitions regarding them can effectuate coordination. Although a norm’s prescriptions and descriptions are dependent on one another, we show how they emerge from random accumulations of beliefs. We categorize the space of social norms into several natural classes and study the evolutionary competition between these classes of norms. We apply our model to the Game of Chicken and the Nash Bargaining Game. Furthermore, we show how the space of norms and evolutionary stability are dependent on the correlation structure of the environment and under which such correlation structures social dilemmas can be ameliorated or exacerbated."
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9 weeks ago by cshalizi
杭州千岛湖 9 岁失联女童遗体被找到,案件真相究竟如何? - 知乎


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july 2019 by aries1988 - BIY kits
The fast spreading and ease of access to Machine Learning and Cloud computing has brought to a boom of experiments and excitement around our ability to build machines that make sense, learn, measure and predict the world around us.

Moreover, with enough examples, we can train a tool or a ‘machine’ to recognize or quantify pretty much anything we want. ‘Beauty’, ‘Hotdog-ness’ or the more problematic ‘Criminal-ness’ and ‘Sexual orientation’ can be now measured within a few frames, based on a model, a probability, determined by a set of arbitrarily collected data. Subjective judgments and biased datasets can easily be turned into objective measures and potential truths, which will then be embedded in devices around us.

But what if we would train machines to measure even more unmeasurable, personal and culturally driven things? If we gather enough samples could we detect signs that prove and detect our superstitions? and can we use that to build tools and devices that reflect our own beliefs?

BIY™- Believe it Yourself is a series of real-fictional belief-based computing kits to make and tinker with vernacular logics and superstitions.
ai  sensors  superstition  ml  art  arduino  creativetech  tech  luck 
june 2019 by mildlydiverting
The Rise of Progressive Occultism - The American Interest
Granted, these spiritual practices remain niche, even as their commercial manifestation becomes more commonplace. And their diversity and lack of shared metaphysical grounding —in part a function of millennial unbundledness—could constrain their ability to bring people together. Religious practices defined by intuition, rather than creed, may have a hard time calcifying members into an ideologically coherent group. But the fact that a religious impulse is fragmented and decentralized does not mean it is impotent: The Great Awakenings of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, not to mention the rise of the 1960s spiritual counterculture, began in just this way. And even mainstream progressives seem to be taking faith more seriously now than in the recent past—Pete Buttigieg, for instance, is quite open about his Christianity. It’s impossible to know where these diffuse strains of pietism will ultimately lead. But at minimum, they suggest that secularization is not the inevitable or even the most logical endpoint for today’s Left. Far from it. Rather, we’re looking at a profoundly pagan form of re-enchantment.
religion  superstition  progressivism  from instapaper
june 2019 by ayjay
Stories from the trauma bay: Colleague
But at least now I got it. I finally understood why John is a shit magnet. Because John doesn't give a fuck about the Call Gods. He challenges them. He taunts them. He uses them to fuel his desire to operate on fucking everyone.

John is a shit magnet because he wants to be.
medicine  religion  superstition 
may 2019 by pozorvlak

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