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History of the formerly top secret KH-9 Hexagon spy satellite
"...the last film based reconnaissance camera, ... was known by experts in the field as “the most complicated system ever put up in orbit.” It provided important intelligence for the United States government and was the reason that President Nixon was able to sign the SALT treaty, and when President Reagan said “Trust but Verify” it provided the means of verification. Each satellite weighed 30,000 pounds and carried two cameras thereby permitting photographs of the entire landmass of the earth to be taken in stereo. Each camera carried up to 30 miles of film for a total of 60 miles of film. Ultra-complex mechanisms controlled the structurally “wimpy” film that traveled at speeds up to 204 inches per second at the focal plane and was perfectly synchronized to the optical image."
satellite  surveillance  camera  SALT_Treaty  Nixon  Regan  film  imaging  Earth  security 
12 hours ago by Tonti
How An Amateur Rap Crew Stole Surveillance Tech That Tracks Almost Every American
Cops alleged Da Boss and his co-conspirators had access to the Holy Grail for any Internet-age scam artist: a surveillance technology that police and debt collectors use to track most of the United States’ 325 million inhabitants via their Social Security numbers, license plates, address histories, names and dates of birth… It’s [also used by] private companies carrying out background checks. Private investigators use it to track cheating spouses. But in the wrong hands it can be used to steal the identity of almost anyone in America. And Da Boss and his crew got access to it.
technology  fraud  surveillance  crime  US  example 
19 hours ago by corrickwales
First GDPR fine issued by Austrian data protection regulator, Gernot Fritz via @connectedrights
The entrepreneur had installed a CCTV camera in front of his establishment that also recorded a large part of the sidewalk. The DSB found this act to be in violation of the GDPR, as large-scale monitoring of public spaces is not permitted under the GDPR. Apparently the camera was also not sufficiently marked as conducting video surveillance, meaning that the applicable transparency obligations had not been fulfilled.
GDPR  fine  Austria  DSB  CCTV  surveillance 
20 hours ago by corrickwales
Crucial: The rise of is happening in the context of mass incarceration and racism —
surveillance  tech  from twitter_favs
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