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A Pretty Good SVG Icon System | CSS-Tricks
"Just inline them"

I kind of suspected this would be the way people head. Everything else ends up too wonky or has weirdness with the shadow DOM or doesn't work in IE
icons  html  svg  vector  webdesign 
21 hours ago by leereamsnyder
peterpme/create-simple-icon: 🎨 🔧 Download and colorize branded svg icons in a snap!
create-simple-icon - 🎨 🔧 Download and colorize branded svg icons in a snap!
icon  generate  color  svg  icons  cli 
yesterday by jimthedev
Jack000/SVGnest: An open source vector nesting tool
Tools for packing in 2D shapes within a a larger 2D envelope, useful for things like laying out shapes to be cut on plywood by a CNC router
2D  vector  nesting  packing  software  opensource  graphics  SVG  layout 
yesterday by asteroza
Heroicons are a unique set of icons for your marketing website that make it easy to customize with CSS to better align to your brand.
svg  icons  webdesign 
yesterday by swest
Masking vs. Clipping: When to Use Each | CSS-Tricks
article about clipping and masking and when to use one or the other
webdesign  web  design  graphic  mask  masking  clip  clipping  svg  css  html 
2 days ago by piperh
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to d3.js – Ian Johnson – Medium
[2017] The landscape for learning d3 is rich, vast and sometimes perilous. You may be intimidated by the long list of functions in d3’s API documentation or paralyzed by choice reviewing the dozens of tutorials on the home page. There are over 20,000+ d3 examples you could learn from, but you never know how approachable any given one will be.
html5  css  svg  data_visualization  d3js 
3 days ago by rexarski

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