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SWIFT: A Modest Proposal?

European proposals for a SWIFT competitor are likely insufficient for altering the geopolitical landscape or for reviving the fortunes of progressive internationalism. A new SWIFT will not curb US power over global financial markets; nor will it lead European banks to remove themselves from the essential lifeline of dollar funding. In any future standoff over subpoenas, there is no reason to believe that the balance of power has favorably tilted toward the Europeans. Not even the Chinese would dare to extricate themselves from the global dollar system. The pivotal role of dollar, not the message system, is the problem.

Nor is an alternative SWIFT necessary to save the bare bones of the Iranian nuclear deal. As the EU itself seems to have recognized, in order to enable Iran to sell some of its oil and allow European producers to continue trading with Iran, all that is needed is a special-purpose vehicle that would settle Iranian oil against foreign goods without the use of direct financial transactions. It remains to be seen whether the European Union will ultimately be willing to bear the ire of the United States were it to keep on trading with the Islamic Republic.
Stefan-Eich  SWIFT  via:@atossaaraxia 
15 hours ago by quant18
New LSP language service supporting Swift and C-family languages for any editor and platform - Announcements - Swift Forums
At Apple we are making it a priority to support high-quality tooling for all Swift developers, including those working on non-Apple platforms.
Archive  dev  swift 
17 hours ago by krzemienski
The iOS Architect – The Complete Course on Advanced iOS Architecture | Matteo Manferdini
Gets past the material for beginners, and get the advanced techniques to build a scalable architecture that stands the test of time, with code that is easy to read, test and maintain You will discover: Advanced architectural design patterns like MVVM+C, VIPER and my Lotus MVC pattern to build high
Archive  dev  swift 
18 hours ago by krzemienski
Swift GYB - NSHipster
Swift GYB - Added July 13, 2018 at 09:06AM
iosdev  read2of  swift 
19 hours ago by xenocid
Integrating GYB with Xcode - Tony Arnold
Integrating GYB with Xcode - Added July 13, 2018 at 09:06AM
iosdev  read2of  swift  xcode 
19 hours ago by xenocid
YTech/CascadeKit: iOS Kit to manage Cascade Styles on UIKit text controls
Allows very flexible Unicode-oriented styling on NSAttributedStrings.
unicode  cocoa  swift 
23 hours ago by stevenbedrick

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