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axkibe/lsyncd: Lsyncd (Live Syncing Daemon) synchronizes local directories with remote targets
lsyncd - Lsyncd (Live Syncing Daemon) synchronizes local directories with remote targets
rsync  linux  sync  sysadmin  filesystem  backup 
yesterday by geetarista
The CPAN Frequently Asked Questions - |
perldoc perllocal

Also: (`cpanm pmtools`)
From the README:

This is pmtools -- a suite of small programs to help manage modules.
The names are totally preliminary, and in fact, so is the code. We follow
the "keep it small" notion of many tiny tools each doing one thing well,
eschewing giant megatools with millions of options.

pmpath - show the module's full path
pmvers - get a module version number
pmdesc - get a module description
pmall - get all installed modules pmdesc descriptions
pmdirs - print the perl module path, newline separated
plxload - show what files a given program loads at compile time
pmload - show what files a given module loads at compile time
pmexp - show a module's exports
pminst - find what's installed
pmeth - list a class's methods, recursively
pmls - long list the module path
pmcat - cat the module source through your pager
pman - show the module's pod docs
pmfunc - show a function source code from a module
podgrep - grep in pods of a file
pfcat - show pods from perlfunc
podtoc - list table of contents of a podpage
podpath - show full path of pod file
pods - list all standard pods and module pods
sitepods - list only pods in site_perl directories
basepods - list only normal "man-page" style pods
faqpods - list only faq pods
modpods - all module pods, including site_perl ones
stdpods - list standard pods, not site_perl ones
perl  cpan  whereis  module  faq  modules  sysadmin  solution 
2 days ago by kme
AWS Free Tier
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aws  best_of  cloud  cloud_hosting  dev  lists  references  sysadmin 
2 days ago by skinnymuch

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