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Archimate as a service modeling framework – Stefan Luyten – Medium
When using the right tool (like Archi), Archimate can (and should!) be used from the early start of a modeling exercise, because it encourages certain aspects from the standard which are essential for good modeling.
data  modeling  architecture  systems  visualization 
yesterday by wrrn
Archi – Open Source ArchiMate Modelling
The ArchiMate® modelling language is an open and independent Enterprise Architecture standard that supports the description, analysis and visualisation of architecture within and across business domains.
architecture  tool  systems  data  software 
yesterday by wrrn
It seems to be impossible to discuss delivery and without bringing up irony.
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yesterday by noahsussman
L.A.-Based Company Non/food Wants You to Eat Algae Bars | L.A. Weekly
Though their company, non/food, is not an art project, Raspet is an artist and Chinen an artist-writer, and their approach to non/food has a conceptual feel. Raspet has created art that relies on our less-emphasized senses of smell and taste since his breakthrough 2014 exhibition “New Flavors and Fragrances” at New Galerie in Paris. He more recently spent time as the flavorist for the Soylent product from L.A.-based Rosa Labs, helping to formulate Soylent Nectar, a drink that was released last year.
nonfood  project  product  art  artwork  food  cuisine  systems  algae  flavor  commerce  concept  vegetarian 
2 days ago by LizFlyntz
"The Selfish Class pattern shows how focusing on , rather than , processes, or personnel, can lead to…
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2 days ago by noahsussman
Lasts Longer | Asymco
This was best damn thing in the whole keynote. Truly, Apple at its best. I don’t think any other large consumer product company has committed to anything like this. #circulareconomy for real. - She laid out a goal for Apple to eliminate the need to mine new materials from the Earth. She said that to reach that goal Apple will have to do three things: 1. Sourcing recycled or renewable materials for all products. 2. Ensure that Apple products last as long as possible. 3. After a long life of use, ensure that they are recycled properly.
IFTTT  Facebook  systems  circulareconomy 
5 days ago by shaunkoh
facebookincubator/LogDevice: Distributed storage for sequential data
Distributed storage for sequential data. Contribute to facebookincubator/LogDevice development by creating an account on GitHub.
facebook  log  kibana  storage  distributed  systems  infrastructure  service 
6 days ago by xer0x

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