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Taboo: an ESL Speaking Game for Kids and Adults
Taboo is an ESL speaking game for both kids and adults. It's perfect to review vocab at the end of a unit. Check it out today!
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december 2019 by rickdude
What You Can't Say
The Conformist Test

Let's start with a test: Do you have any opinions that you would be reluctant to express in front of a group of your peers?

I suspect the biggest source of moral taboos will turn out to be power struggles in which one side only barely has the upper hand. That's where you'll find a group powerful enough to enforce taboos, but weak enough to need them.
heresy  culture  morality  conformism  taboo 
december 2019 by pmigdal
Today we played in my class.

Using games provides engaging methods of instruction, pr…
Taboo  ComparativePolitics  from twitter_favs
december 2019 by xnot
Meanstruation: HelloFlo's Mother-Daughter War Is Funny, And Sad : NPR
My problem is with Katie's mom, who treats the situation as if she and her daughter are peers in battle. Parenting a tween should not be about one-upping. It is about noticing when your child is upset enough to be defensive and upset enough to lie when she feels left out. It is about recognizing when your child has gone off course, and focusing on trying to get her back on.
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july 2019 by kme
中国是世界第一的猪肉消费大国,尽管近些年随着生活富裕、口味多元,全国猪肉消费总量已从2014年最高峰时的5719万吨下降到去年的5489万吨,但仍然 稳占全球一半份额 [1] ――也就是说, 中国人口虽然只是世界五分之一,但每两斤猪肉里就有一斤是被中国人吃掉的。…
numbers  chinese  porc  explained  food  taboo  environment  china  region  population  from instapaper
may 2019 by aries1988
Sexual Fantasies are Transgressive
Sexual fantasies are, for many, many people, inherently transgressive. That's how the human psyche works: it takes the shit you're afraid of, the shit that hurts you, the shit you're ashamed of wanting, and it mixes it all up into a high octane bonerade.
sex  fantasies  kink  taboo  psychology  writing  erotica 
november 2018 by spaceninja
Taboo Your Words - LessWrong 2.0
In the game Taboo (by Hasbro), the objective is for a player to have their
partner guess a word written on a card, without using that word or five
additional words listed on the card. For example, you might have to get your
partner to say "baseball" without using the words "sport", "bat", "hit",
"pitch", "base" or of course "baseball".

As soon as I see a problem like that, I at once think, "An a... (Read More)
taboo  discussion 
october 2018 by pmigdal
What You Can't Say
Discusses moral fashions that come and go. These can often by identified by being things you cannot say.

Very good example is this: most, if not all, of your ideas are something most other contemporary people agree with. This is too much to be a coincidence; you have not arrived at these same ideas independently. Many of the ideas are very likely to be wrong.

The article discussed multiple methods for identifying moral fashions:
- Conformist test: what ideas would you be reluctant to express ...
culture  history  paulgraham  psychology  essay  taboo  society 
october 2018 by lkovanen

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