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Web Excursions for July 14, 2017 (Chrome Edition) -
(Some recommendations for Chrome extensions from Brett Terpstra:)
"Tab Manager
This one scratches an itch for me. I use Toby and Pinboard to organize tabs, which is way easier if I can just save a whole window, but I hate having my sessions include irrelevant pages, and sorting them all is a pain. With Tab Manager, you can see all of your tabs as a list and manipulate them in myriad ways (close, move, re-order).”

"Tab Extract
Allows you to extract tabs based on a title search to a new window from the url bar. It’s handier than it might sound, especially for use with any of the tab-set-saving extensions."
chrome  extensions  tabs  recommendations  via:brettterpstra  2017 
2 days ago by handcoding
Wednesday Night Melody - Bleached
This song uses power chords throughout the song / Intro: G#, D#, C, C x4 / That small riff in the intro goes like this: / e|---------- B|--4h6----- G|------5--- D|---------- A|---------- E|-
tabs  guitar  bleached 
26 days ago by beery
The New Firefox and Ridiculous Numbers of Tabs | Hacker News
Interesting collection of reasons why people keep 100+ browser tabs open:
firefox  browser  tabs  memory  perfomance  workspace  discussion 
4 weeks ago by raphman

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