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Tags for OmniFocus 3 - Learn OmniFocus
What do tags represent?
A tag can represent a Getting Things Done (GTD) context or can be an additional bit of “metadata” that makes it easy to locate related actions, action groups, and projects.

For example, tagging actions with 🏡 Home makes it easy to identify all of the actions that need to be done at home. And tagging actions with 🏖 Vacation identifies actions that you’d like to complete before heading off on vacation, even if they could technically be completed after you get back.
omnifocus  tags  productivity 
4 days ago by jackveiga
Meta Resources (RSS Feed)
meta resources feed

feeds the meta tags
expect nothing here
subscribe just in case
mfeed  feed  tags 
5 days ago by orlin
Tags and copies - All this
In yesterday’s post, I talked about how I’ve been using file tags to organize my work photographs according to both date and subject. This works pretty well, but sometimes a set of Smart Folders that collects photos according to their tags isn’t the right solution. In those cases, I have a couple of scripts that allow me to replicate my set of Smart Folders into a set of real folders with copies of the photos organized by subject.
MacOS  photos  tags  tagging  filesystem  python 
10 days ago by euler

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