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For big-picture thinking on few better to read than . His latest, on how Pacific island-states inc…
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9 hours ago by kerim
Trump Administration Approves F-16 Fighter Jet Sales to Taiwan - The New York Times
The $8 billion arms package, the single largest from the United States to Taiwan in many years, is certain to anger China and could complicate the trade war.
military  business  taiwan  china 
3 days ago by noiseguy
寻租、被寻租、批判寻租,吴介民的生命母题|深度|端傳媒 Initium Media


concept  economy  business  taiwan  china 
6 days ago by aries1988
-Well Buying 雄美企業有限公司>>Products 產品資訊 SWITCH | illuminated PUSHSWITCH | 帶燈開關 | LED SWITCH | 帶燈按鍵開關 | WB | illuminated tactswitch | 按鈕開關 | 帶燈輕觸開關 | 旋轉開關 | 輕觸開關
SWITCH,illuminated PUSHSWITCH,帶燈開關,LED SWITCH,帶燈按鍵開關,WB,illuminated tactswitch,按鈕開關,帶燈輕觸開關,旋轉開關,輕觸開關,雄美企業有限公司
electronics  switch  button  led  manufacturer  taiwan 
11 days ago by stahl
Taiwan’s revolutionary hackers are forking the government | WIRED UK
two years before the Sunflower Movement, that Kao started to create tools along with other programmers, forming the hacker group that was later to be called g0v (pronounced gov dot zero). Its aim: to “fork the government.”
taiwan  democracy2.0 
12 days ago by zryb
Dear b&b 帶妳住進台灣之美|台灣精選旅宿指南|特色民宿、設計旅店
Dear b&b —— Taiwan's first lodging guide designed for travelers. We select exceptional lodgings through in-person evaluation and trustworthy reviews. 700 lodgings visited in 7 years, all to present you with unique perspectives and heart-warming stories!
travel  taiwan  hotel  b&b 
12 days ago by kerim

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