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Reach YouTube users on connected TVs with new TV screen device category
ctv device category added to Google Ads (was already on DV360)
ctv  youtube  device  targeting  vod 
2 days ago by joshnews
Cable Companies to Offer Viewer-specific Ads
Three major communications companies will soon allow marketers to tailor ad buys to individual households
Advertising  television  targeting 
20 days ago by lnidoh
Personalisation without personal data? | The Drum
The biggest two product updates they shared both played right into this narrative - firstly an approach to digital targeting which looked to pool audiences of 1,000+ similar individuals into targeting clusters to sidestep the issue of targeting specific individuals altogether. Then secondly their head of media Emily Henderson shared a trial they had run with The Guardian doubling down on article metadata to drive personalised advertising in their recipe section entirely targeted by content context and not user identity. Rather than just knowing you were looking at a recipe, the test could serve a user ads based on the knowledge that they were looking at a quick chocolate dessert for two people, so perhaps were planning a romantic night in.
google  gdpr  future  trends  targeting  advertising  creative 
20 days ago by dancall
Sky and Channel 4 broaden industry-leading partnership | Channel 4
Channel 4 to use Sky’s AdSmart technology to deliver fully-targeted, addressable ads across Channel 4 Sales’ linear channels for the first time
Multi-year deal sees Formula 1® highlights and British Grand Prix continue on Channel 4, while even more Channel 4 up-front box-sets will be made available to Sky and NOW TV customers
Multi-year carriage deal agreed including further expansion of All 4 with more box sets for Sky customers  
Commitment from both Sky and Channel 4 to continue technological innovation for viewers
tv  advertising  future  partnerships  targeting 
22 days ago by dancall
Ignition - Data Driven Marketing
Data-driven marketing that uses AI (allegedly) - but how old is their site and video?
targeting  sup  new-companies  ai 
4 weeks ago by dancall
As Cookies Crumble, People-Based Marketing Puts Audiences Front and Centre |
The cookie, long used as a primary tool in the ad tech armoury for tasks such as behavioural targeting and frequency capping, is befalling a death much like its namesake biscuit. At this stage it may not have disintegrated, but it has certainly been dipped in a hot brew. The perceived lack of alternatives has worsened existing fractures in the media landscape and a succession of pivots, though many have been left wondering where to head next.

Writing exclusively for ExchangeWire, Richard Ottoy, VP of publisher development (EMEA), OpenX, discusses how people-based marketing can bridge the fractures and ensure programmatic continues to fulfil marketing needs.
targeting  future  cookies  adserving  technology  identity 
4 weeks ago by dancall

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