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So long, salt and vinegar: how crisp flavours went from simple to sensational | Food | The Guardian
In her lifetime, a transformation has taken place on supermarket shelves. Should you want to, you can now buy not only bacon, chicken, chilli and pickled onion crisps, but truffle, pink peppercorn gin, baked camembert, masala chicken, brie, Aberdeen Angus beef, salted caramel, katsu curry and sriracha. (To this day, Miller prefers to vinegar her own crisps.)

How is it possible that, in 60 years, British shops have gone from selling one crisp flavour to selling hundreds – and why are seasonings becoming more unusual? What led Kettle Chips to release a “truffled cheese and a splash of English sparkling wine” flavour in October? Was there a mad scientific breakthrough that caused Walkers to release bratwurst, paella, haggis and spaghetti bolognese crisps in 2010?
chips  taste  trends  food  theguardian 
10 days ago by jarrettfuller
Some Notes on Attunement - Zadie Smith | The New Yorker
I’d like to believe that I wouldn’t have been one of those infamous British people who tried to boo Dylan offstage when he went electric, but on the evidence of past form I very much fear I would have. We want our artists to remain as they were when we first loved them. But our artists want to move.
zadiesmith  bobdylan  newyorker  taste  music  jonimitchell  creativity 
17 days ago by jarrettfuller
What Does The Amazon Echo Look Mean For Personal Style? - Kyle Chayka | Vox
The Echo Look won’t tell you why it’s making its decisions. And yet it purports to show us our ideal style, just as algorithms like Netflix recommendations, Spotify Discover, and Facebook and YouTube feeds promise us an ideal version of cultural consumption tailored to our personal desires. In fact, this promise is inherent in the technology itself: Algorithms, as I’ll loosely define them, are sets of equations that work through machine learning to customize the delivery of content to individuals, prioritizing what they think we want, and evolving over time based on what we engage with.
Confronting the Echo Look’s opaque statements on my fashion sense, I realize that all of these algorithmic experiences are matters of taste: the question of what we like and why we like it, and what it means that taste is increasingly dictated by black-box robots like the camera on my shelf.
vox  kylechakya  style  taste  algorithm  globalization  amazon  technology  trends 
17 days ago by jarrettfuller
In praise of cultural elitism | The Spectator
"We have become so tolerant of each other’s taste that taste no longer matters."
culture  crticism  reviews  taste  aesthetics 
september 2019 by tsuomela
How to Think About Your Life's Work | Scott H Young
What does it mean to get "better" at creative work? Cultivate your own sense of taste, and then use that to drive the work you create.
work  creativity  taste  improvement  art  5star 
september 2019 by lightningdb

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