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就是要你懂 TCP | 最经典的TCP性能问题 | 阿里中间件团队博客
问题描述某个PHP服务通过Nginx将后面的tair封装了一下,让其他应用可以通过http协议访问Nginx来get、set 操作tair 上线后测试一切正常,每次操作几毫秒,但是有一次有个应用的value是300K,这个时候set一次需要300毫秒以上。 在没有任何并发压力单线程单次操作也需要这么久,这个延迟是没有道理和无法接受的。
yesterday by jinwik
201808 - apenwarr
Un pacchetto da aggiungere ad un router per ottenere la migliore distribuzione dei pacchetti TCP in upstream. CAKE
openwrt  tcp  router 
3 days ago by microspino
A little bump in the wire that makes your Internet faster | apenwarr
"This approach just feels more magical, because you'll have a physical box that produces negative latency."

Fat flows fill big buffers and then thin flows get stuck behind them, so install a speed bump that keeps track of the different flows (Flow Queueing), puts the thin ones at the head of the line, and throttles the fat ones so the problem doesn't just move to upstream routers/buffers (Controlled Delay).
AveryPennarun  networking  queues  tcp  openwrt 
9 days ago by torbiak
Network Analysis: TCP Window Size
Tony Fortunato demonstrates how to track TCP window size to troubleshoot network performance issues.
12 days ago by jordan23jy

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