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An Introduction to Digital Computers
100j; an old video of computers, an educational video, made in 1969. Show to students in 100j
12 hours ago by scritic
Is there a tension between creativity and accuracy? | Michael Nielsen
“gifted with the special capability of making many mistakes, mostly in the right direction”
creativity  science  teaching  learning  education  failure 
16 hours ago by grantpotter
The Campus Speech Wars | Public Seminar
Put conservative texts on your syllabus when and where they are appropriate. Students are often awakened to a passion for conservatism by compelling authors — Booker T. Washington, Barry Goldwater, Stephen Carter, Ayn Rand, Phyllis Schlafly, William F. Buckley, Milton Friedman are but a few examples of primary texts I have used, but secondary texts are important too. Why shouldn’t students who are liberal, or radical, read these authors? Why shouldn’t they understand the ideological differences in your field? Indeed, many of your conservative students don’t know some of the key authors that their views are grounded in. Having your students talk about their beliefs through a common text is a basic humanities skill.
Don’t refer to conservative views as “unpopular.”  It’s patronizing, it undermines the notion that such views are based on real ideas, and–I hate to tell you–these views are actually popular somewhere, if not in your classroom.
When you do teach conservative texts, don’t tell the class that they need to read them so that they “will know how the enemy thinks.” I can’t tell you how many times a colleague has dismissed some of my syllabus content by making that remark. In fact, see what you can do to eliminate, and
teaching  pedagogy  conservatism 
18 hours ago by shannon_mattern
Simpler Math Tames the Complexity of Microbe Networks | Quanta Magazine
-- They should never have published this piece and not keeping up with their usually high standards. The profiled study has serious limitations.
network_inference  network_data_analysis  microbiome  methods  dynamics  networks  teaching  quanta_mag 
19 hours ago by rvenkat

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