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Guide: Understand team effectiveness
Fostering psychological safety can help teams perform and innovate, Google found while trying to understand what makes team great.
business  teams  google  management  teamwork 
7 days ago by tedw
git-flow cheatsheet
git-flow are a set of git extensions to provide high-level repository operations for Vincent Driessen's branching model.
@Graph  @HOWTO  SourceCodeManagement  Software  Engineering  Teamwork  Tutorial 
16 days ago by jslu
Braid - Work Better Together
Braid is a group chat application that promotes productive team communication, while still respecting each individual's need for focus. Instead of chatrooms, Braid takes a new approach: discrete conversations and tags.
online  chat  teamwork  productivitytool  conversation  tag  opensource  floss 
17 days ago by gilberto5757
Code Review Review is the Manager's Job
The code review, usually performed using GitHub pull requests or the like, is now the highest leverage point for improving an engineering team’s output... Code reviews are not about catching bugs. Modern code reviews are about socialization, learning, and teaching... The behavioural trends in the process are your domain and if you’re running a meta-review process well your work will be predominantly behind the scenes.
@Article  @HOWTO  @Concept  Software  Engineering  Training  Productivity  QAnQC  Feedback-receiving  Teaching  Culture  Teamwork  Learning  PersonalGrowth  Coaching  InterpersonalCommunication  Leadership  Tutorial  Leverage 
23 days ago by jslu
Delighted to see the endeavours of a great team come together and make a real difference to society
teamwork  from twitter_favs
5 weeks ago by mattedgar
[Aaron Longwell] Why Software Development Requires Servant Leaders
The idea applies to any kind of leader, but I think it’s especially applicable to leaders of software projects, where the unique dynamics of unpredictability and complexity collide. ... Successful software managers find ways to be flexible; to bend without breaking and to resolve the tension gradually. Servant leadership can be a guide to finding this flexibility.
@Article  @Concept  Software  Engineering  Leadership  UnexpectednessUncertaintyAndImpermanence  ConflictResolution  Adaptability  Teamwork  Creativity  Listening  Learning  ProjectManagement  @HOWTO  LatentDesire  Empathy  InterpersonalCommunication 
5 weeks ago by jslu
Music and cooperation at work: Whistle While You Work
Music and cooperation at work: A new study by Cornell researchers finds that music can also have important (positive) effects on workers.
teams  teamwork  music  collaboration 
5 weeks ago by lbenjamin

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