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8 Unbelievable Things You Never Knew About Tracking
Laura Kalbag presents on our surveillance system (i.e. Internet) and some strategies for maintaining privacy and advocating change.
tech-culture  advertising  privacy 
4 weeks ago by pb
EP.106 - SHOSHANA ZUBOFF | Adam Buxton
Adam talks with American author and academic, Shoshana Zuboff who wrote The Age of Surveillance Capitalism.
tech-culture  podcasts  books 
4 weeks ago by pb
Text messages delayed from February were mysteriously sent overnight - The Verge
This is terrible--I hope more details come out about why this happened.
tech-culture  mobile 
4 weeks ago by pb
Four Ways Technology Can Make You Happier
And fourteen-hundred ways it can make you meh.
mobile  tech-culture  psychology 
5 weeks ago by pb
Invisible Handcuffs | Lizzie O’Shea
"The systems theorist Stafford Beer liked to remind us that the purpose of a system is what it does...users qua citizens do not think the current system is working."
labor  tech-culture 
11 weeks ago by pb
Frank Chimero · A Like Can’t Go Anywhere, But a Compliment Can Go a Long Way
Great point here about how social media platforms are designed to abstract away the positive and highlight the negative.
tech-culture  social  media 
11 weeks ago by pb
The Dark Side of Techno-Utopianism | The New Yorker
"The assumption was that almost all voices, even odious ones, deserved the chance to be amplified."
tech-culture  history 
11 weeks ago by pb
When Your Boss Doesn’t Care About Doing the Right Thing
"Designers are used to working within constraints. We draw boundaries around our solutions all the time. We call it scoping. And to many designers, what the business will or will not accept ethically is a constraint like any other. But the boundaries employers draw around our ability to do the right thing (and to do it well) can only limit our work if we accept them without question."
tech-culture  design  ethics 
september 2019 by pb

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