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It looks like RSS is dead at the moment on Pinboard.

It's probably time to self-host something like this, given how I use the service.
21 hours ago by PubliusTX
MySQLTuner - perl
Script that evaluates a running mysql config against actual activity and system resources, and recommends config changes.
tech  mysql 
yesterday by booliberty
My 5 Favorite Mac Backup Tools | Mac360
I just starred My 5 Favorite Mac Backup Tools on Inoreader
yesterday by SEverson
How Sentry Receives 20 Billion Events Per Month While | StackShare
By James Cunningham, Operations Engineer, Sentry. Unless your engineering team is staffed by angels who commute down to the office from heaven every morning, we’re pretty confident you run into plenty of problems developing and iterating on your applications in production. via Pocket
architecture  pinboard  tech 
yesterday by lfcipriani

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