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Electron is Cancer – Commit Log – Medium
To me it seems a little bit absurd to have to even say this, perhaps it might even be a little condescending but it really seems that the more processing power we get the more sloppy we developers are getting with writing good code, or heck even somewhat sane code.
So here it goes, performance matters! Just because your process could hog the processor and memory does not mean it should. This is especially true if your application is one that has native equivalents, like a text chat client or music player would have a minimal footprint, there really isn’t any excuse for being this kind of slacker.
1 hour ago by sandykoe
Subpixel Text Encoding -
not necessarily "typography" nor "design" but the effect created is very cool-looking and could be used in some sort of illustration
graphics  Cool_things  typography  design  tech 
4 hours ago by tylerpaige
Facebook removed post by ex-manager who said site 'failed' black people | Technology | The Guardian
Mark S Luckie, who recently stepped down as strategic partner manager, published the piece on Facebook last week detailing his experiences as a black employee at a tech corporation that largely excludes African Americans, saying the company has also unfairly censored black people on the platform.

Facebook appeared to prove Luckie’s point this week by removing the letter before eventually reinstating it.
facebook  racism  tech 
6 hours ago by hthief
Google used a Baidu front-end to scrape user searches without consent
The engineers used the data they pulled from [acquired Baidu front-end site] to learn about the kinds of things that people located in mainland China routinely search for in Mandarin. This helped them to build a prototype of Dragonfly. The engineers used the sample queries from, for instance, to review lists of websites Chinese people would see if they typed the same word or phrase into Google. They then used a tool they called “BeaconTower” to check whether any websites in the Google search results would be blocked by China’s internet censorship system, known as the Great Firewall. Through this process, the engineers compiled a list of thousands of banned websites, which they integrated into the Dragonfly search platform so that it would purge links to websites prohibited in China, such as those of the online encyclopedia Wikipedia and British news broadcaster BBC.

Under normal company protocol, analysis of people’s search queries is subject to tight constraints and should be reviewed by the company’s privacy staff, whose job is to safeguard user rights. But the privacy team only found out about the data access after The Intercept revealed it, and were “really pissed,” according to one Google source.
china  search  tech  google  privacy  baidu  interception  censorship  great-firewall  dragonfly 
12 hours ago by jm

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