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Some HomePod and Siri Realities
I just starred Some HomePod and Siri Realities on Inoreader
yesterday by SEverson
Man 1, machine 1: landmark debate between AI and humans ends in draw | Technology | The Guardian
"IBM shows off Project Debater, artificial intelligence project designed to make coherent arguments as it processes vast data sets"
ai  newsletter  tech  research  algorithms 
yesterday by thewavingcat
coHounder | Find your perfect co-founder!
I upvoted coHounder on Product Hunt: A list of businesses looking for a co-founder
ProductHunt  Hiring  and  Recruiting  Tech  A  list  of  businesses  looking  for  co-founder 
yesterday by glitchwitch
How Hackable Is Your Car? Consult This Handy Chart | WIRED
LAST YEAR, WHEN hackers Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek showed they could hijack the steering and brakes of a Ford Escape and a Toyota Prius with nothing but laptops connected to the cars, they raised two questions: Could hackers perform the same tricks wirelessly, or even over the Internet? And even more pressing: Is your specific car vulnerable, too?

If you own a Cadillac Escalade, a Jeep Cherokee or an Infiniti Q50, you may not like the answer.

In a talk today at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas—and an accompanying 92-page paper—Valasek and Miller will present the results of a broad analysis of dozens of different car makes and models, assessing the vehicles' schematics for the signs that hint at vulnerabilities to auto-focused hackers.
tech  cyber  security  cars  reference 
yesterday by sandykoe

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