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Strange and maddening rules [for Stack Exchange questions]
We decided that newbies had to be welcome. Nothing was too “beginner” to be a reasonable question on Stack Overflow… as long as you did some homework before asking the question.

-- Joel Spolsky
Joel on Software | | 23 apr 2018
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just now by tometaxu
Stack Overflow isn't very welcoming. It's time for that to change
We’re planning to test a new “beginner” ask page that breaks the question box into multiple fields – one for each of the key things answerers need to help.

-- Jay Hanlon
Stack Overflow Blog | | 26 apr 2018
society  programming-culture  tech  tech-culture  tech-ethics  format-article  type-information 
5 minutes ago by tometaxu
Ploxel - Sell Tickets Online In Minutes
I upvoted Ploxel on Product Hunt: Simple events management platform, sell tickets online.
ProductHunt  Web  App  Events  Tech  Simple  management  platform  sell  tickets  online. 
yesterday by glitchwitch
Sociall - A Secure And Private Decentralised Social Network For All
I upvoted Sociall (Beta) on Product Hunt: A secure and private decentralised social network for all.
ProductHunt  Web  App  User  Experience  Tech  A  secure  and  private  decentralised  social  network  for  all. 
yesterday by glitchwitch - グルドン
mastodon podcast
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