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Multilateral Development Banks Present Study on Technology's Impact on Jobs - Modern Diplomacy
Rapid technological progress provides a golden opportunity for emerging and developing economies to grow faster and attain higher levels of prosperity. However, some disruptive technologies could displace human labor, widen income inequality, and contribute to greater informality in the workforce. Tapping new technologies in a way that maximizes benefits, mitigates adverse effects, and shares benefits among all citizens will require public-private cooperation and smart public policy.
yesterday by dula
Jobs: Technology to displace humans, widen income inequality –
But the study noted that rapid technological progress provides a golden opportunity for emerging and developing economies to grow faster and attain higher levels of prosperity. 
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Can This System of Unlocking Phones Crack the Crypto War? | WIRED
- this sounds dodgy AF. If the US gets access, every country gets access
cryptography  hacking  technology 
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Don’t buy the MacBook Pros even on sale, in my opinion | The Outline
few months ago, I wrote about how my one-year-old MacBook Pro's keyboard keys stopped working if a single piece of dust slipped under there, and more importantly, that neither Apple nor its Geniuses would acknowledge that this was actually a problem. Today, Best Buy announced it is having a significant sale on these computers, marking them hundreds of dollars off. Interesting. Still, I’d suggest you do not buy them.

Since I wrote about my experience, many have asked me what happened with the new top half of the computer that the Apple Geniuses installed, with its pristine keyboard and maybe-different key switches. The answer is that after a couple of months, I started to get temporarily dead keys for seemingly no reason. Again.

I still had my 2013 MacBook Pro around, so I sold my 2016 MacBook Pro back to Apple’s refurb program, and now I just use the 2013 as my laptop (I used the recovered money to build a PC, lord help me). This old MacBook Pro is still fine, and most importantly, all the keyboard keys work. The new MacBook Pro is gone. When I started working at The Outline, I was offered a choice of a new MacBook Pro or a MacBook Air for my work computer, and I chose the MacBook Air, with its good keyboard that doesn’t break from dust. I’m fully committed to this bit.
AAPL  technology 
yesterday by W6AZ
Ford Co-Pilot360™: Most Advanced Suite of Standard Driver-Assist Technologies Includes Automatic Emergency Braking | Ford Media Center
Ford Co-Pilot360 to roll out in key global markets starting this fall to help customers drive more safely and confidently amid rising congestion and distractions; automatic emergency braking to be standard on new passenger cars, SUVs and trucks up to F-150 in North America going forward
ford  fordc  technology  safety 
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brandchannel: Self-Driven to Win: 5 Questions With Domino's CDO Dennis Maloney
Just as Domino’s has held the lead in pizza-ordering technology, and last year assumed the title of global No. 1 pizza-sales brand from Pizza Hut, its executives are confident that their experimentation with self-driving pizza delivery vehicles will help the brand retain its heritage as an innovative leader in customer-centric delivery options.
fordc  ford  toyotac  toyota  technology  selfdriving 
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Audi Cars To Get Red Light, Green Light Info From Traffic Lights In D.C. 03/14/2018
When select Audi models approach a connected traffic light, the car receives real-time signal information. When the light is red, the car’s instrument cluster shows the time remaining until the signal changes to green.
vwc  audi  technology  infotainment 
yesterday by automotive
Toyota Creates New Digital Transformation & Mobility Pillar | Toyota USA Newsroom
Effective April 2, functions reporting to Digital Transformation & Mobility will include:

• Information Services, led in the interim by TMNA Chief Information Officer Zack Hicks
• Connected Technologies, led by Vice President Steve Basra
• Future Mobility Business Group, led by Group Vice President Chris Tinto
toyotac  technology  mobility 
yesterday by automotive
Jaguar, EasyJet test self-service 360-degree ads | Mobile Marketer
This isn't the first time Jaguar has tapped novel technology to engage consumers on smartphones. Last summer, Jaguar Land Rover enlisted mobile AR to give car shoppers an in-vehicle tour of its latest SUV two months before the car model was released for sale.
jlr  jaguar  technology  brand  content  ar 
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