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Tennessee’s IT Strength Attracts Global Players - Area Development
Over the past year, several high-profile tech-related companies have established operations in Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee.
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2 hours ago by areadevelopment
Triton is the world’s most murderous malware, and it’s spreading - MIT Technology Review
As an experienced cyber first responder, Julian Gutmanis had been called plenty of times before to help companies deal with the fallout from cyberattacks. via Pocket
Pocket  hacking  infrastructure  technology  toread 
3 hours ago by traggett
TechNode - Latest news and trends about tech in China
About from Crunchbase:
"TechNode is a tech blog, written in both English and Chinese, focused on startups and tech happenings in China and Asia in general. TechNode also organizes TechNode Touch (TNT), a monthly meetup for startups, and ChinaBang Awards, an annual event that rewards the best Chinese startups, in Chinese tech cities. TechNode is the official partner of TechCrunch in China and manages and TechCrunch conferences in China.
TechNode aims to be the go-to source to discover original, insightful and opinionated content that helps connect the eco-system of entrepreneur’s, investors and consumers. TechNode is founded by Dr. Gang Lu , one of the most influential Chinese tech bloggers in global web industry."

HQ in Shanghai, branch in Beijing (managing director John Artman).

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3 hours ago by eocas
Opinion | The Attack That Broke the Net’s Safety Net - The New York Times
It’s telling that the platforms must make themselves less functional in the interests of public safety. What happened this weekend gives an inkling of how intractable the problem may be. Internet platforms have been designed to monopolize human attention by any means necessary, and the content moderation machine is a flimsy check on a system that strives to overcome all forms of friction. The best outcome for the public now may be that Big Tech limits its own usability and reach, even if that comes at the cost of some profitability. Unfortunately, it’s also the outcome least likely to happen.
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4 hours ago by msszczep

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