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python package that contains VTK powered tools for data visualisation in geophysics for ParaView by Kitware.
python  visualisation  3D  paraview  Tecplot 
january 2019 by Carlos
I’m Tom Chan and This Is How I Mesh | Another Fine Mesh
Tecplot and Pointwise bookend the simulation process – Pointwise on the pre-processing side and Tecplot on the post-processing end. We have worked with the folks at Pointwise for many years and have many joint customers.

What do you see are the biggest challenges facing CFD in the next 5 years?


What is some of the best CFD advice you’ve ever received?

Avoid the “black box” syndrome – don’t blindly depend on automated “black box” techniques.

Our customers are some of the smartest, most experienced engineers in the world. They work hard year after year, developing a deep knowledge of their craft. The experience and intuition they acquire can never be replaced by a “black box.”

But, much can be done to help engineers with the more tedious and tiresome tasks, which would give them more time for analysis and digging deeper into their research and designs.
tecplot  interview  cfd  fun  vietnam  chinese  usa 
june 2018 by aries1988
Sum up values - Tecplot Talk
Does someone know how to sum up all the values of a column 'F' for those that the corresponding value in another column'Y' is equal to 100 at every zone?
tecplot  howto 
september 2015 by aries1988
Getting max/min variable values in a zone to create RECT - Tecplot Talk
The minvar[n] internal macro variable works over all active zones, so if you have many active zones, and zone 18 is one of those, then minvar[n] will not return the correct value. If you have only zone 18 active, then minvar[n] will return the correct value.
july 2015 by aries1988

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