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mozilla/DeepSpeech: A TensorFlow implementation of Baidu's DeepSpeech architecture
Project DeepSpeech is an open source Speech-To-Text engine, using a model trained by machine learning techniques, based on Baidu's Deep Speech research paper.
speech  recognition  mozilla  tensorflow  ai  deep  learning  baidu 
14 hours ago by andrewn
Deep playground

Deep playground is an interactive visualization of neural networks, written in TypeScript using d3.js.
tensorflow  machine_learning 
2 days ago by slavko
How to build a robot that “sees” with $100 and TensorFlow - O'Reilly Media
How to build a robot that “sees” with $100 and TensorFlow - Added September 18, 2017 at 06:46PM
computer-vision  diy  robotics  tensorflow 
3 days ago by xenocid
Introduction to LSTMs with TensorFlow - O'Reilly Media
In this tutorial, we will introduce the LSTM network architecture and build our own LSTM network to classify stock market sentiment from messages on StockTwits. We use TensorFlow because it offers compact, high-level commands and is very popular these days.
deeplearning  neuralnetworks  TensorFlow  LSTM  RNN  sentiment  stockmarket  StockTwits 
4 days ago by areich

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