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This looks absolutely bonkers... and hugely lightweightly powerful: #ddj /via @simonw (I w…
data  tool  terminal  utility  sqlite  datasette  ddj 
2 hours ago by psychemedia
Terminal Color Scheme Designer
terminal  colors  bash  tool  schemes 
2 hours ago by xcession
Record and share your terminal sessions, the right way
ascii  opensource  screencast  terminal 
7 hours ago by xcession
Animated pipes terminal screensaver
bash  cli  linux  terminal  screensaver 
7 hours ago by xcession
VisiData is an open source powertool for exploring and manipulating data. It combines the clarity of a spreadsheet, the efficiency of the terminal, and the power of Python, into a lightweight utility which can handle millions of rows with ease.
cli  data  terminal  python  csv  xls  sqlite  tool  utility 
2 days ago by brunns
Linux and Unix fc command tutorial with examples | George Ornbo
Tutorial on using fc, a UNIX and Linux command for editing and re-executing commands previously entered into an interactive shell. Examples of editing and re-executing the last command, editing and executing a previous command, setting the text editor to be used, listing previous commands and executing a command without editing it.
linux  terminal  software 
2 days ago by ethack
Nuke928/NTop: htop-like system-monitor for Windows with Vi-keybindings.
htop-like system-monitor for Windows with Vi-keybindings. - Nuke928/NTop
windows  software  terminal 
2 days ago by ethack
matt-harvey/tabulo: Enumerable terminal table for Ruby
Tabulo is a Ruby library for generating ASCII tables.
ascii  ruby  cli  terminal  table 
2 days ago by pioneerskies
iTerm2, Zsh with Powerlevel9K — Power up your terminal‘s colour scheme and productivity level!
Tired of a terminal with plain 12pt plain black text on plain white background? You can transform it from a monochrome experience to a more colourful one with added productivity features by installing:

Nerd fonts
Powerlevel9K theme
Color schemes
Ruby gems
The complete .zshrc
Find out more
terminal  shell  colors  HowTo 
2 days ago by mortonfox
Customizing your shell environment - The .tcshrc file
So far, we have discussed customization that is set up inside your .login file. However, the shell reads this file only when you log into the shell or when you enter the tcsh command with the –l option. Note that the option is a lowercase "L".

To always have a customized shell session, you need to have a special shell script that customizes your shell variables each time you start the shell; this is the purpose of the .tcshrc file (also known as a startup script).

For example, you might put all your alias definitions and other setup instructions into this file. You want these instructions run when your shell starts after you login and whenever you explicitly create the shell during a session (for example, as a child shell to run a shell script).

Following is a sample .tcshrc file: ...
csh  dotfiles  reference  shell  terminal  cli 
2 days ago by dusko

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