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macos - Is it possible to run three versions of Google Chrome? - Ask Different
sudo -u chrome1 /Applications/Google\\ Chrome
scripts  terminal  chrome 
18 hours ago by goodbyedelicious
Browsh is a fully-modern text-based browser. It renders anything that a modern browser can; HTML5, CSS3, JS, video and even WebGL. Its main purpose is to be run on a remote server and accessed via SSH/Mosh or the in-browser HTML service in order to significantly reduce bandwidth and thus both increase browsing speeds and decrease bandwidth costs.
cli  terminal  text  web  browser 
yesterday by segfault
How you can style your terminal like Medium, freeCodeCamp, or any way you want
This tutorial will show you how to personalise your terminal design by configuring iTerm2 with Powerlevel9k. Powerlevel9k is a popular and highly customisable terminal theme for the shell Zsh. I will…
terminal  iterm2  shell  !great  resource 
yesterday by alexmc
garybernhardt/selecta: A fuzzy text selector for files and anything else you need to select. Use it from vim, from the command line, or anywhere you can run a shell command.
"It was originally written to select things from vim, but it has no dependency on vim at all and is used for many other purposes.Its interface is dead simple:

- Pass it a list of choices on stdin.
- It will present a pretty standard fuzzy selection interface to the user (and block until they make a selection or kill it with ^C).
- It will print the user's selection on stdout.
"Selecta is unusual in that it's a filter (it reads from/to stdin/stdout), but it's also an interactive program (it accepts user keystrokes and draws a UI). It directly opens /dev/tty to do the latter."
shell  terminal  script  ruby  repo:github  tools 
yesterday by mechazoidal

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