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A Most American Terrorist: The Making of Dylann Roof
"Benn Roof never showed up at his son's trial. (Contacted later, Benn Roof declined to participate in this story further, describing it as “fake news.”)"

"They were so estranged by the time of the murders that when Caleb read Roof's writings, what shocked him was not just the hatred but also that the dull, slow kid he knew could even string together a coherent collection of thoughts: “For a long time, I thought Dylann had to have read someone else's writing or been coached, because the kid I knew couldn't write or even think like that.”"

"At Dylann Roof's church, I was greeted warmly at the door by a young white woman and a middle-aged white man. But when I entered the chapel and was seated in a rear row, many eyes turned on me, making me feel like I was a shoplifter trying to steal from their God. Was it because I didn't know the hymns, because I didn't take Communion, or was it because I was black? I do not know."

"In February 2015, four months before the murders, an ad with a picture of a young man appeared on Craigslist. Roof was anonymously looking for a companion to join him on a tour of historic Charleston, and he was seeking anyone except “Jews, queers, or n——s.” The foulness and bigotry of the ad caught the eye of Dr. Thomas Hiers, a retired psychologist. He reached out to Roof to try to help him, but in their exchanges Roof continued to use the same hateful, derogatory language. Hiers offered to pay Roof to watch TED talks, because he felt Roof needed an expanded worldview or, as he later explained to Roof's lawyers, “a different way of looking at the world.” Roof replied to thank Hiers and told him that he seemed like a nice man, but he refused the help because “I am in bed, so depressed I cannot get out of bed. My life is wasted. I have no friends even though I am cool. I am going back to sleep.”"

"That Dylann Roof supposedly went down Internet “rabbit holes,” by himself, "going from one hate group’s false information about blacks to another, absorbing false statistics about black-on-white crime and other race matters,” as Columbia’s newspaper The State put it, was one of the things that surprised Heidi Beirich, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s Intelligence Project, which is the part of the center that tracks hate groups. Beirich told the paper that “most white supremacists killers [sic] spend a long time indoctrinating in the ideas. They stew in it. They are members of groups. They talk to people. They go to rallies. Roof doesn’t have any of this.” Beirich later told the Charleston City Paper, “If he's like anything, he's like ISIS people. Young people who look at ISIS Twitter accounts, get sucked into that ideology, and then go join the fight in Syria or commit domestic terrorist attacks. He's actually rather unlike your typical white-supremacist killer. This complete online radicalization over the maybe two and a half years he was in his room is very atypical.” If it was atypical two years ago, it is no longer. To imagine that Roof needed a handler is to underestimate the role that the Internet has played in re-energizing and indoctrinating a young community of white supremacists."

I am a black woman, the descendant of enslaved people, so I went anyway and walked along the same path that Roof did, where the quarters are set on something cheerfully marked as “Slave Street.” I stood next to the dummies that are supposed to represent black people in their deepest ignominy, and noticed that there were no dummies that were supposed to represent the masters or the mistresses of the plantation. I listened to a group of young white women sigh at the Alley of the Oaks, a corridor of trees near Slave Street. One of them lamented, “It was so beautiful that pictures couldn't really do it justice.”"

"South Carolina is the sort of place where, out one evening in Columbia for dinner, only minutes after I sat down, I was accosted by six drunk upper-middle-class white women who were out with their grown daughters. After pointing in my direction, one of them staggered over and sat down, and with her thick tongue and her red eyes, she asked me if I was her Uber driver and demanded that I drive her somewhere, “girl.”"
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2 days ago by skwak
Barcelona's chief rabbi urges Jews to move to Israel because 'Europe is lost' | The Independent
Barcelona's chief rabbi has urged Jews to move to Israel because "Europe is lost" to radical Islam. Meir Bar-Hen has been encouraging his congregation to flee Spain, which he called a "hub of Islamist terror for all of Europe."
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A Most American Terrorist: The Making Of Dylann Roof | GQ
Roof is what happens when we prefer vast historical erasures to real education about race. The rise of groups like Trump's Republican Party, with its overtures to the alt-right, has emboldened men like Dylann Roof to come out of their slumber and loudly, violently out themselves. But in South Carolina, those men never disappeared, were there always, waiting. It is possible that Dylann Roof is not an outlier at all, then, but rather emblematic of an approaching storm.
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Жан Бодрийяр, «Дух терроризма»
Система не может расти беспрепятственно, она начинает себя ненавидеть и привлекать ненависть извне; терроризм — крайнее проявление такой ненависти, заложенное в систему. Терроризм как исполнительная форма Зла набирает обороты именно потому, что зависимость Зла и Добра — прямая (а увеличение Добра не ведёт к уменьшению Зла).
События 11 сентября стали ударом по гегемонии Запада. Западная мораль отрицает такое разрушение, но оно было желаемым до того, как произошло.
>В конечном счете, они это сделали, но мы этого хотели.

Благодаря этому тайному желанию 9/11 вызвало такой отклик.
>символическая стратегия террористов, несомненно, была рассчитана на это наше постыдное соучастие
>вполне логично и неизбежно, что неимоверное усиление могущества усиливает и желание его уничтожить

>стремление отрицания всякой системы становится тем сильнее, чем больше она приближается к совершенству и всемогуществу

>Терроризм — акт восстановления непокорной единичности в самом сердце системы обобщенного обмена. Все сингулярности (племена, отдельные личности, культуры), которые заплатили смертью за установление глобального оборота всего и вся, управляемого единственной властью, сегодня мстят за себя с помощью террористического разворота.

Терроризм — единственная возможность противопоставить себя поднимающейся системе, главный противник глобализации.
>это не столкновение цивилизаций или религиозных убеждений, и это выходит далеко за рамки ислама и Америки

С каждой мировой войной враг системы извне уничтожался: победа над колониализмом в ПМВ, над нацизмом во ВМВ, над коммунизмом в Холодной. К четвёртой мировой система подошла к единому мировому порядку и враг стал рассеиваться внутри самой системы.

>В этом головокружительном цикле невозможного обмена смерти, смерть террориста — микроскопическая пробоина, но через нее все засасывается, образуется полость и гигантская воронка. Вокруг этой незначительной пробоины реального и власти вся система собирается, скручивается, зацикливается на себе и разрушается своей собственной сверхэффективностью.

Терроризм работает, потому что умело сочитает своё символическое оружие (жертвенную смерть) с оружием системы, против которой борется. Используя что–то одно, терроризм не выжил бы.
>Чудо состоит в том, что им удалось адаптироваться к глобальной сети и техническому протоколу, нисколько не теряя этого соучастия в жизни и в смерти.
>совершенно неправильно видеть в террористической акции чисто деструктивную логику
terrorism  essay  philosophy 
3 days ago by denis_by_sea

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