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Laura Sessions on Twitter: "THREAD 1. What happened in Niger."

17 According to the Pentagon, his locator beacon was activated on battlefield, which indicates that he was alive when they left him there

18 They recovered his body 48 hours later but are refusing to say where.

19 According to his widow, she could not have an open casket. This means that he was mutilated after being left behind on the battlefield.
war  history  terrorism 
yesterday by campylobacter
Trauma medicine has learned lessons from the battlefield
Civilian doctors are saving more lives after terrorist attacks by copying their military peers
health  medicine  terrorism 
2 days ago by soobrosa
The head of MI5 has lost the plot. Britain is safer than ever in its history | Simon Jenkins | Opinion | The Guardian
Andrew Parker seems to have suffered a panic attack. Random acts of terror don’t threaten the UK’s existence, writes Guardian columnist Simon Jenkins
uk  politics  terrorism  fear  mi5 
2 days ago by floehopper
Stand up against the anti-technology terrorists : Nature News
An extremist anarchist group known as Individuals Tending to Savagery (ITS) has claimed responsibility for the attack on my brother. This is confirmed by a partially burned note found by the authorities at the bomb site, signed by the ITS and with a message along the lines of: "If this does not get to the newspapers we will produce more explosions. Wounding or killing teachers and students does not matter to us."
anarcho-primitivism  luddite  terrorism  ecoterrorism 
2 days ago by zachwtaylor
U.S. State Dept. Terrorism Programs
List of current programs and initiatives to combat "violent extremism" from the State Department.
state-department  government  terrorism  politics  political-science 
3 days ago by zachkrumm
The airport bomber from last week you never heard about
"The story didn’t go viral and Trump didn’t tweet about it because the bomb was not placed by an immigrant, or a Muslim, or a Mexican. It was placed there by a good ol’ white man, Michael Christopher Estes."
terrorism  terror  terrorist  bomb  airport 
3 days ago by asbjornu

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