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Tesla Struggling With Major Quality Issues |
Current, former employees claim poor quality parts adding to delays.
yesterday by automotive
Tesla Model 3 production aims for 6,000 units per week in June after upgrade in May – ~5,000 with margin of error, says Elon Musk | Electrek
– A major source of issues is poor communication between depts. The way to solve this is allow free flow of information between all levels. If, in order to get something done between depts, an individual contributor has to talk to their manager, who talks to a director, who talks to a VP, who talks to another VP, who talks to a director, who talks to a manager, who talks to someone doing the actual work, then super dumb things will happen. It must be ok for people to talk directly and just make the right thing happen.
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yesterday by zmoog
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2 days ago by ndf
Experts say Tesla has repeated car industry mistakes from the 1980s | Ars Technica
GM spent billions on a mostly fruitless attempt to automate carmaking.
tesla  automation 
3 days ago by MattieTK
84 days left to get unlimited supercharging when you buy a (S or X only) with this link:…
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4 days ago by eejay

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