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Guidance and analysis for the modern web
google  learning  performance  testing  html  javascript  reference 
yesterday by buymeasoda
What Is Chaos Monkey? A Complete Guide for Engineers, DevOps & SREs
A complete and comprehensive guide to learn about, set up, and deploy Chaos Monkey and other similar tools for creating chaos. Download the whole guide.
testing  chaosmonkey 
yesterday by geetarista
255kb/mockoon: Mock REST APIs in seconds.
Mockoon is a free and open source local server/API mocking tool built with Electron and can be used on Windows, Linux and MacOS.
testing  api  mocking  tool 
yesterday by bkittelmann
ambassador/kat at master · datawire/ambassador
Kubernetes の受け入れテストフレームワーク。便利かも?
kubernetes  python  testing 
yesterday by summerwind
Marionette — Mozilla Source Tree Docs 67.0a1 documentation
Marionette is the remote protocol that lets out-of-process programs communicate with, instrument, and control Gecko-based browsers.

It provides interfaces for interacting with both the internal JavaScript runtime and UI elements of Gecko-based browsers, such as Firefox and Fennec. It can control both the chrome- and content documents, giving a high level of control and ability to replicate, or emulate, user interaction.

Marionette can be activated by passing the -marionette flag. To start Firefox with the remote protocol turned on:
testing  browser  headless  firefox  mozilla 
yesterday by dentarg
Farewell to fsync(): 10× faster database tests with Docker | Lobsters
Good discussion how to improve speed of test runs against a local database.
database  testing  tips  performance 
yesterday by bkittelmann
Farewell to fsync(): 10× faster database tests with Docker
You’re writing an application that talks to a database—PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB—and you need to write some tests. You want three things out of your tests: Realism: the closer your test setup is to production, the more likely you are to catch bugs with tests. Speed: Slow tests are expensive tests. Ease-of-use: You want running and writing tests to be easy, otherwise you’re less likely to do it. The problem is that interacting with a database is slow, so you want to avoid writing tes...
database  docker  howto  performance  testing  speed  unittest 
yesterday by xer0x
Application Load Testing Tools for API Endpoints with
Free tool for web application load testing that allows for the simulation of concurrent connections to your web application's APIs
performance  testing  load  service 
2 days ago by gzfrancisco

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