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Programatically Test your API Clients or Webhooks
Collects all requests to a URL - use to test your API Clients & WebHooks. Inspect your bin visually on this website, or use our API to programmatically test your libraries, clients, projects, SaaS or websites.
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1 hour ago by to
twitter/diffy: Find potential bugs in your services with Diffy
"Diffy finds potential bugs in your service using running instances of your new code and your old code side by side. Diffy behaves as a proxy and multicasts whatever requests it receives to each of the running instances. It then compares the responses, and reports any regressions that may surface from those comparisons. The premise for Diffy is that if two implementations of the service return “similar” responses for a sufficiently large and diverse set of requests, then the two implementations can be treated as equivalent and the newer implementation is regression-free."
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21 hours ago by earth2marsh

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