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How The Space Industry Is Creating Opportunities For Houston CRE (Bisnow, 2/13/2020)
The Houston Spaceport is attracting aerospace investment to the city, which means good things for commercial real estate.
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2 days ago by davidkoren
RT : Democratic Primary Polling:

Sanders: 24% (+12)
Biden: 22% (-1)
Warren: 15% (-3)
Bloomberg: 10% (+10)
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5 days ago by kitoconnell
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#明日方舟 #アークナイツ #能天使 #德克萨斯 #テキサス #エクシア
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9 days ago by Sabas
Red Scare: Can Donald Trump Rescue the Texas GOP? Or Is He Part of the Problem? – Texas Monthly
Presler clicked to a new slide featuring two young people: a man with scraggly, neon-green hair, facial tattoos, and a tracksuit covered with Nickelodeon cartoon characters from the nineties and a woman dressed head to toe in black, showing ample cleavage and wearing leather jewelry with lots of spikes. Her hair was equally green. There were oohs and aahs and various sounds of amusement and disgust from the audience. “Don’t you dare laugh,” Presler said. “These are my friends.”

“Do I look like a Republican? No!” he said. “We are a no judgment movement. Do you hear me? We are a no judgment movement!” The Texas GOP of the future, according to Presler, is one in which all people are “included, accepted, welcomed, and embraced into our family. These two people that you see in front of you are real-life Trump supporters!” The room applauded.
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9 days ago by adegru
Something Stinks in the Panhandle - The Texas Observer
A Hereford resident who asked to remain anonymous says that fecal dust would collect on the roof of his former home. After infrequent rains, the dust washed into his gutters and rehydrated into a gloop of manure, breeding maggots.
shit  texas  cattle 
10 days ago by yorksranter
We have had a blast in at the with our partners Lenovo showcasing as part of the
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12 days ago by tolkien

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