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Immersive Math
"The world's first linear algebra book with fully interactive figures."
linearalgebra  textbooks  free  math  mathematics 
2 days ago by robertogreco
Die Entwicklung sollte man im Auge behalten: In Software könnnen nun interaktive…
Textbooks  OpenSource  from twitter
16 days ago by eoto
Battle over college course material is a textbook example of technological change
"A revolution in college course materials is raising questions about cost, access and fairness. Publishers say their high-tech courseware — electronic books glowing with videos and interactive study guides — can improve the quality of learning at a small fraction of the cost of traditional textbooks. But student advocates call for adoption of open-source textbooks that can be downloaded for free, and worry that the same companies that drove up the price of print textbooks are dominating the digital space and will ultimately introduce higher costs there."
textbooks  highered  oer  washingtonpost 
5 weeks ago by warnick
Introduction to Data Science
Free data science textbook that uses R and the tidyverse. Focuses on case studies, including the 2016 election.
textbooks  Data_Science  CDS_101  R  statistics 
6 weeks ago by jkglasbrenner

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