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Risk to get malaria in Thailand | Thai Travel Clinic Blog
Risk for individual travelers to get malaria in Thailand is not the same. Some individual may carry higher risk than the others. Risk to get malaria depends on
thailand  malaria  infection 
yesterday by pmigdal
Thai Twitter users face threats over comments on royal motorcade
"On 1 October 2019, the hashtag #ขบวนเสด็จ or #royalmotorcade trended on Twitter in Thailand as innumerable critical tweets were posted in response to a royal motorcade causing a traffic jam around Victory Monument, Bangkok, in the evening rush hour. It remains unknown who was being transported in the royal motorcade. The hashtag trended despite legal restrictions on criticism of the Thai royal family. However, several users reported receiving threatening messages over their critical tweets...Thai Lawyers for Human Rights reported that an activist who commented on the hashtag also faced a threat from a sender who claimed to be from the Palace. The text message says “Please delete all your social network accounts by tonight for your safety.” Thai Lawyers for Human Rights said the threat had no legal basis and the Palace should investigate if it was made by an imposter." - Global Voices Advox via Prachatai
otf  thailand  twitter  asia  SoutheastAsia  social  speech  foe 
5 days ago by dmcdev
Learn Thai Tradition | To hearten by binding people’s wrist | พิธีผูกข้อมือเรียกขวัญ
The ceremony called “Rîak Kwǎn or Sùu Kwǎn” (Thai : เรียกขวัญ or สู่ขวัญ) it is regarded as an important ceremony to Thais. This ceremony will be held to strengthen the state of people’s mind, to console them and to return to normal positive thinking.
Thai_Language  Thailand 
7 days ago by mcbakewl
Unsworth v Musk
Looking seriously bad for Elon here
elonmusk  musk  tesla  pedoguy  thailand  cave  rescue 
7 days ago by nelson
A minister said on Tuesday cafe and restaurant operators with free wifi service must collect internet tra…
Thailand  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by schee
These 7 homegrown e-commerces are on track to put Thailand on global map | e27
Thailand’s unique product categories allow the country to have multiple product-based e-commerces that thrive, rank third in market size, according to Google/Temasek e-Conomy 2018 report
thailand  ecommerce 
10 days ago by shrob
Travelling to in and wondering about the weather at this time of the year? Check out the Phuket W…
Thailand  Phuket  from twitter
13 days ago by PhuketIslandRadio
Villa Mahabhirom, or a villa of great pleasure in Thai
The simple imagination of creating a place where friends, couples and families can come and enjoy their time together.
thailand  travel  hotels  chiangmai 
13 days ago by ngaloppo
Phuket high season is coming, we want to help.
High Season on its way, can we help? Check out our latest email newsletter:
Phuket  Thailand  from twitter
13 days ago by PhuketIslandRadio

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