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Above the fold is a myth.
The simplest reason as to why 'above the fold' is a myth.
august 2017 by richardsison
Loading CSS without blocking render by Keith Clark
A demonstration of how to get content in front of visitors as quickly as possible by asynchronously downloading stylesheets to prevent them from blocking page render.
@keith-clark  css  loading  performance  the-fold 
april 2015 by ijy
iPad: Scroll or Card? | Information Architects
They had an epic battle over the following question: Should you scroll or flip pages on the screen? Who won the fight?
exemplary  hypercard  card  scrolling  hypertext  the-fold 
september 2012 by audionerd
Life Below 600px | I Am Paddy
This is for clients who are afraid to approve a design because it requires too much scrolling.
fold  usability  layout  design  webdesign  the-fold 
march 2010 by benhomie

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