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Playing Dungeons & Dragons Together for 30 Years - The Atlantic, Jun 2019
Every week, The Friendship Files features a conversation between The Atlantic’s Julie Beck and two or more friends, exploring the history and significance of their relationship.
theAtlantic  friendship  games 
6 days ago by pierredv
The Atomic Soldiers: U.S. Veterans, Used as Guinea Pigs, Break the Silence - The Atlantic
Knibbe began trying to contact veterans through the National Association of Atomic Veterans, eventually traveling across the United States to meet them and hear their stories. He was stunned and saddened by what he learned. “They were confronted by such an incredible destructive power that they were immediately shocked into an existential crisis,” Knibbe said. “It was like they saw the creation of the universe. They were confronted with an enemy they could never defeat. It was something really difficult for them to describe.”
theatlantic  history  war  documentaries  film  trauma 
19 days ago by cmananian
The Catholic Church Should Abolish the Priesthood - The Atlantic
Clericalism, with its cult of secrecy, its theological misogyny, and its hierarchical power, is at the root of Roman Catholic dysfunction.
religion  catholicism  theatlantic  wtf  cults 
27 days ago by cmananian
John Paul Stevens: The Court Failed on Gun Control - The Atlantic
District of Columbia v. Heller recognized an individual right to possess a firearm under the Constitution. Here’s why the case was wrongly decided
theatlantic  usa  politics  society 
4 weeks ago by robward
Making Brexit Comprehensible for People Who Aren't British - The Atlantic
rom the EU is astounding. For many outsiders looking in, Brexit has defied their long-held perceptions of Britain and its global influence. “One of the things they thought they knew about Britain—which is [that it is] quite calm, quite pragmatic, quite phlegmatic—doesn’t actually appear to be the case,” Castle said. “I think that lies behind quite a lot of the interest in some of the stories that we write. Are they really doing this? Are they really risking a no-deal Brexit? Is Britain, a very sophisticated country, really willing to have lines of trucks sitting in ports?”

Read: Brexit is chaos. The movie about it is anything but.
TheAtlantic  Brexit  uk  europe  eu  journalism  engagement  content 
6 weeks ago by Kirk510620

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