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thingsthatsuck » Justice, and the Problem with the Bill of Rights
"I am reading about the work of the late William J. Stuntz, a law professor at Harvard, who wrote about the criminal justice system, in The Caging of America (recommended!) and Stuntz looks for the reasons why we arrived at this impasse, finding it, ultimately, in the Constitution, particularly in the Bill of Rights. And I was hard struck by how right he was in what was wrong. The problem, as he sees it, is that the Bill of Rights is about process and procedure, rather than principles. Compare, he says, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen with our Bill of Rights — Bills 4-8 establish our judicial system, and are how we end up with more black men in prison than were slaves in 1850, and more than six million people under “correctional supervision”. Gopnik writes:


I’d always been uneasy with Constitution-worship, particularly uneasy about the Bill of Rights, and certainly the justice system, but didn’t have the least idea why. This is why."
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february 2012 by robertogreco
geek.teacher » Blog Archive » On #edcampoc
"I sat in some great sessions. Rob Grecco did something awesome: he brought his middle school students from his private, progressive school, & had them do a panel discussion on Student-led Urban Adventures. The students had to plan their itineraries and keep to a strict budget on a weeklong field trip to San Francisco. They were intelligent & insightful, doing a great job of representing their school. Afterwards one of the students, Taylor, came over & introduced himself to me. The students were a class act all the way."

"The standout moment of the whole session [Things That Suck] was when one of Rob’s students participated in our discussion on disciplinary practices. She described the way things are handled at her school and described traditional practices like having students sit in the corner as “ineffective.” Love it."
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january 2011 by robertogreco
The Products We Hate by The Writers - The Morning News
I especially love the Coloring Book one, and the modern telecommunications
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november 2010 by emily
Chorney and Strudwick: Worst. Pairing. Ever? - The Copper & Blue
"Even the potential nicknames are terrible: 'Chorwick' sounds like an English village, and 'Strudney' doesn't sound like anything. They are Jason Strudwick and Taylor Chorney, and they are the worst defensive pairing in Edmonton Oilers history." This is the best blog post ever.
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april 2010 by verdaille
Ranking the NHL's Least Valuable Players - On the Forecheck
"That said, just as some players drive positive results for their teams, there are those whose very presence on the ice is a harbinger of doom. I suspect most hockey fans could rattle off a lengthy such list without the benefit of statistics."
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march 2010 by verdaille

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