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Bowen Belt Knife | Sheath holster | Belt knife, Belt buckles, Belt
From Pinterest: BOWEN BELT KNIFE Bowen Knife Company are selling this ingenious and stealthy combination of a knife buckle and leather belt. Most knives are annoying to conceal and carry around, this handy Belt Knife Buckle can quickly be removed from the leather belt sheath when called upon
ifttt  pinterest  BOWEN  BELT  KNIFE  Company  are  selling  this  ingenious  and  stealthy  combination  of  a  buckle  leather  belt.  Most  knives  annoying  to  conceal  carry  around  h 
yesterday by errehache
How IBM’s Technology Powered the Holocaust
THIS. We cannot continue amoral capitalism and business practices. We CAN and MUST DO BETTER.
this  important  technology  morality 
6 days ago by emily
Alan Chadwick: A Gardener of Souls
"Using the Biodynamic French Intensive Method, which he developed, Alan led the movement that pioneered organic gardening and farming in North America. But Alan Chadwick was far more than an accomplished horticulturist. He taught, prodded, cajoled, and berated his many students until they became competent, authentic, and creative human beings; or at least that was his goal for them, as he would settle for nothing less. As Allen Kalpin, a long-time Chadwick apprentice, once said, "He was a gardener of souls."
people  awesome  amazing  film  gardening  permaculture  this  hope 
6 days ago by emily
The Babe Rainbow - Eureka / Alan Chadwick's Garden - YouTube
"Cultivate your own garden. Cultivate your own psyche. The Garden of the Mind."
music  this  everything  permaculture  flowers  nature  love 
6 days ago by emily

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