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Anger Is Temporary Madness: The Stoics Knew How to Curb It
"Marcus [Aurelius] thought that if people are doing wrong, what you need to do instead is to ‘teach them then, and show them without being angry.’ Which is exactly what Mandela did so effectively ... Engage in preemptive meditation: think about what situations trigger your anger, and decide ahead of time how to deal with them."
philosophy  thought  behavioral 
2 days ago by imbreakfast
Why Greg Lutze Created VSCO and the Importance of Anti-Social Sharing
I saw the documentary on Mr. Rogers, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, and realized there is a difference between a job and a purpose. Building VSCO into a successful company is my job, but it’s not my purpose. Like Mr. Rogers, now I believe my purpose is to love people, or as another way to say it, to help others win.
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6 days ago by glass
Who won the battle of ideas in China? | Andrew Batson's Blog
In this speech, Xi rejected the liberals’ call for jettisoning Mao–but he also rejected the neo-Maoists’ call for a reversal of economic reforms. In my view, this political synthesis is in the end not so different from the one imposed by Deng Xiaoping and Jiang Zemin in the 1990s. Jiang made it clear that conservatives nostalgic for the 1950s would not be allowed to stop economic development, and that liberals sympathetic to the 1989 protesters would not be allowed to erode Party rul...
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14 days ago by traggett
Quality and effort | Seth's Blog
Seth Godin's Blog on marketing, tribes and respect
system  thinking  idea  miniessay  thought  sethgodin 
4 weeks ago by ivar
We're not designing for screens — Tanner Christensen
The world doesn't exist behind a screen, the world is everything outside it.
october 2019 by glass

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