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8 Tips on How to Start a Successful Youtube channel | Equipment for Starting Video
If you are looking for how to start a successful youtube channel then this video is for you. Many People want to make carrier in Youtube but leave it in Between which is not good. You should know How to Make a youtube Channel as a beginner, First, I am going to tell you equipment for starting a youtube channel step by step and will teach you how to become a youtuber. Most of the people create youtube channel and after some days do not upload any video. This video informs you how to set up a youtube channel and beginner youtube video ideas.
how  to  start  successful  youtube  channel  equipment  video  tips 
35 minutes ago by aniskhan
Iptables Restricting Access By Time Of The Day - nixCraft
Recently I was asked to control access to couple of services based upon day and time. For example ftp server should be only available from Monday to Friday between 9 AM to 6 PM only. [...]
2006  blogpost  networking  security  linux  firewall  example  cli  sysadmin  tips 
1 hour ago by ezequiel
Daily Standup Meeting Excel Template for Your Scrum Team
Interesting concept. Video meetings will probably always be better if schedules permit.
telecommuting  scrum  tips 
11 hours ago by kevinrood
How to use Luminar's workspaces, filters and layers together | Camera Jabber
Luminar 2018’s preset effects can create great results with almost no effort, but there’s much more to this innovative photo editing than one-click presets.
photography  luminar  tips 
20 hours ago by kger
Meownica's packing list
if you travel a lot, it helps if you have a ready-to-go version of this bag somewhere so you don't have to always reassemble it. I also have a bag of travelling medication I always bring along because it turns out trying to get cold medicine in Dutch or Japanese is not worth it. Bring your own.
packing  travel  tips  lists 
23 hours ago by spaceninja

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