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Agile Project Management | Pivotal Tracker
Pivotal Tracker is the agile project management tool of choice for developers around the world for real-time collaboration around a shared, prioritized backlog.
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33 minutes ago by argonauta
Are you GDPR ready? ~ HubSpot
GDPR Compliance Checklist

Since every business is different and the GDPR takes a risk-based approach to data protection, companies should work to assess their own data collection and storage practices (including the ways they use HubSpot’s marketing and sales tools), seek their own legal advice to ensure that their business practices comply with the GDPR. In determining your next steps, here are some of the questions you should consider.
tools  checklist  GDPR 
1 hour ago by kOoLiNuS
Choosing a Really Secure Messenger: 3 Practical Tips
Nowadays there are literally dozens of kinds of messaging apps out there. Some of them claim to be completely secure and protected, using advanced encryption algorithms and publicly protecting the…
chat  tools  messaging  design 
2 hours ago by mikeRuns
The world’s most productive group chat
Zulip combines the immediacy of Slack with an email threading model.

Like Slack, but channels (streams) have topics which allow for fine-grained searching and talking. 100% FOSS.
tools  chat  foss 
7 hours ago by orange

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