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is a tool for building Personal Science Experiments IN MINUTES
data  health  science  tools 
21 hours ago by arvindv
ListsA gallery of real data ready to be placed in your design. Kind of like an App Store for fake content. Want to design with real data ? There's a list for that.
content  data  tools  design  fake  text  list 
22 hours ago by jelmer
Buy Code, Scripts, Themes, Plugins and more
development  stock  tools  templates 
22 hours ago by mycotn
Nix: The Purely Functional Package Manager
Nix is a purely functional package manager. This means that it treats packages like values in purely functional programming languages such as Haskell — they are built by functions that don’t have side-effects, and they never change after they have been built. Nix stores packages in the Nix store, usually the directory /nix/store, where each package has its own unique subdirectory
packaging  linux  unix  tools  sysadmin 
yesterday by kjh
Fred's ImageMagick Scripts: TEXTDESKEW
Great imagemagick-based script for deskewing / straightening images of text.
script  tools 
yesterday by kueda
e-Mail Server Plugin - Overview
The e-Mail Server Maven Plugin is a Maven plugin that runs an fake e-mail server in the Maven build life-cycle. The plugin typically launches the fake e-mail server as a daemon process during the pre-integration-test phase of the build life cycle and shuts it down during the post-integration-test phase.
development  tools  maven  plugin  email 
yesterday by jeffjensen
Latency | Apex Software
Free global latency performance testing tool powered by Apex Ping.
yesterday by sathishpaul

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