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‘Americans leave behind scorched earth’: US refuses to clean up ‘carcinogenic’ waste at Azores base — RT World News
After housing an airbase on Portugal’s Atlantic island of Terceira for 75 years, the US is scaling down its presence. Locals demand it cleans up the toxic pollution scientists say is causing cancer – but Washington doesn’t agree.
Unfortunately, they are backed up by studies conducted both by the Americans themselves and Portuguese researchers.

"What we have is a series of locations with extremely high levels of pollution caused by heavy metals, hydrocarbons or PCBs," says Felix Rodrigues, professor of physics at the University of the Azores, and local politician. “In certain concentrations can cause sterility, cancer, arrhythmia... These materials get into the food chain and accumulate in bodies. We are facing poisons that are hidden under the carpet."

Terceira © Ruptly
As just one example, Rodrigues notes that 88,000 liters of fuel spillage has been recorded in the past decade alone, and says that the soil is 50 times more contaminated than environmental guidelines in leading Western countries.

Norberto Messias, professor of health at the University of the Azores, says that residents of the municipality adjacent to the base suffer several times higher rates of certain types of cancers, for example four times as many eye tumors as the rest of the Azores population.
Azores  toxic  waste  Air_Force 
5 hours ago by Quercki
Produits cosmétiques - Les fiches des molécules toxiques à éviter - Décryptage - UFC-Que Choisir
Les composés indésirables ne sont pas rares dans les cosmétiques. Ces fiches reprennent les noms de ceux qui nous paraissent les plus problématiques dans l’état actuel…
maquillage  cosmetique  cosmetic  produit  database  nocif  sante  health  toxic  toxique  risque  find  search  pertubateur  endocrinien  mollecule 
12 days ago by ebouchut
Toxic masculinity | Geek Feminism Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
Toxic masculinity is one of the ways in which Patriarchy is harmful to men. It refers to the socially-constructed attitudes that describe the masculine gender role as violent, unemotional, sexually aggressive, and so forth.

A well-known masculinity/men's rights movement that is not mostly anti-feminist has yet to appear. For a silencing tactic used to discredit patriarchy's harm to people who are not men, see Patriarchy hurts men too.


Male [video game/film] protagonist bingo card illustrating toxic masculinity.
The pervasive idea of male-female interactions as competition, not cooperation.
The pervasive idea that men cannot truly understand women, and vice versa--and following, that no true companionship can be had between different sexes.
The expectation that Real Men are strong, and that showing emotion is incompatible with being strong. Anger is either framed as the exception to the rule, or as not an emotion.
Relatedly, the idea that a Real Man cannot be a victim of abuse, or that talking about it is shameful.
Men are just like that: the expectation that Real Men are keenly interested in sex, want to have sex, and are ready to have sex most if not all times
toxic  masculinity  sexism  feminism  male 
24 days ago by Quercki
That's not a "strong work ethic." That's exploiting young unattached engineers and spinning it as "team culture." Toxic 💀
That's not something to aspire to. That's not good management. If you're working sustained 70+ hrweeks, somebody is taking advantage of you.
toxic  culture  burnout  worklifebalance  tech 
24 days ago by spaceninja
A manifesto for working in teams
For example, I’ve found it common that the warped point of view of one can be subsequently expounded to become the point of view of many. Previously happy team members can become unhappy team members when nothing materially has changed. It’s the workplace equivalent of poison being poured in others ears.
toxic  culture  teams  communication  management  leadership 
24 days ago by spaceninja
On Trash Talk
That sounds harsh but listen: the best outcome of an argument is usually you accepting that you fucked up and feeling bad forever. Feeling bad is important. It's the PURPOSE of an argument. You're SUPPOSED to feel bad. Forever. Otherwise you'd relapse. So, as someone who Fucked Up, don't go looking for absolution. If your relationship rift is healed, that's all you might deserve.
abuse  toxic  masculinity  harrassment  relationships  dating  marriage  apologies 
25 days ago by spaceninja
Untitled (
🌞Natural🌿 Treatments for 🐕🐈 – no need for 🛑 health-deteriorating...
Dog  Herbal  EarInfections  toxic  DIY  Cat  from twitter_favs
28 days ago by stevechic

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