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Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker
Keepa is a modern Amazon Price Tracker; elegant, efficient and easy to use.
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6 hours ago by kerolic
App traps: how cheap smartphones siphon user data in developing countries • WSJ
Newley Purnell:
<p>For millions of people buying inexpensive smartphones in developing countries where privacy protections are usually low, the convenience of on-the-go internet access could come with a hidden cost: preloaded apps that harvest users’ data without their knowledge.

One such app, included on thousands of Chinese-made Singtech P10 smartphones sold in Myanmar and Cambodia, sends the owner’s location and unique-device details to a mobile-advertising firm in Taiwan called General Mobile Corp., or GMobi. The app also has appeared on smartphones sold in Brazil and those made by manufacturers based in China and India, security researchers said…

…Thi Thi Moe, a sales clerk in Mandalay, Myanmar, said she was unaware until being informed by The Wall Street Journal that GMobi was collecting data from her Singtech P10 phone. She said she had become annoyed in recent months at frequent advertisements on its screen for mobile games.

“I don’t want that kind of app on my phone,” said the 28-year-old, who added that she bought her phone last year for $77. “I’m not familiar with the technology, but it seems like it shouldn’t be taking my private information.”

…Upstream Systems, a London-based mobile commerce and security firm that identified the GMobi app’s activity and shared it with the Journal, said it bought four new devices that, once activated, began sending data to GMobi via its firmware-updating app. This included 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identification, or IMEI, numbers, along with unique codes called MAC addresses that are assigned to each piece of hardware that connects to the web. The app also sends some location data to GMobi’s servers located in Singapore, Upstream said.

Upstream also said that in recent months it blocked GMobi’s app from making suspicious attempts to sign up users for paid services, such as mobile games. Had the app been successful, users would have been billed more than $7m in total across eight countries, Upstream said. GMobi’s Mr. Wu said the company wasn’t responsible for any malicious activity emanating from its app.</p>
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17 hours ago by charlesarthur
Samba TV Audience Platform Demo | Samba TV Audience Platform
identify the TV viewership habits of your audiences and easily activate these audiences through your DSP
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22 hours ago by psychemedia

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